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Go to Drinks for Pre, During, and Post-workout

My fitness tips and Go to Drinks for Pre, During, and Post-workout is a sponsored post written in partnership with BODYARMOR.

Being fit is the new craze and a healthy body has become a status symbol. People are getting fit for all kinds of reasons but I’ve been doing this for over a decade. Staying in shape is a lifestyle and part of that lifestyle includes making smart food choices especially when working out. My results take place in the kitchen and the gym. These two places are where quality of life changes for the better. There is a few simple things you can do to increase your productivity in the gym and that starts with incorporating a pre, during and post workout drink into your routine.

Each one meets a specific need for your workout.

The pre-workout drink wakes up your organs and hydrates.

The during-workout drink gives you energy and fuels your muscles.

The post-workout drink replenishes and rehydrates.


Usually I’m up before the sun comes up.  It’s a great feeling to do your workout and have the rest of your day.  Before I get into the hustle and bustle of life (and even before I hit the gym), I need to consume the thing that makes up most of the body’s composition. That would be good old fashion H2O. Please understand that there is no substitute for water. It is an aid to many ills and problems, but right now it’s all about making sure the body has maximum output. For me, I’ve now started to drink BODYARMOR SportWater because it’s a great, clean-tasting water that contains electrolytes for sports and has a pH +8.

During Workout

During my workout, I need a “pick me up” to carry me through. Protein drinks are a good source of calories you need to finish that last set. Even though I prefer the protein to be plant based, I will give it a try as long as it doesn’t have a laundry list of ingredients. I just really need it to get me through the heavy lifting.

Go to Drinks for Pre, During, and Post-workout Go to Drinks for Pre, During, and Post-workout

Post Workout

Now, after the lifting and the running is done, it’s time to recover.  Especially after cardio, I need something that is going to get me energized and replenished. I recently discovered BODYARMOR Sports Drink which is a better-for-you option that gives you exactly what you need to feel your best. It is the choice drink of Richard Sherman, a member of my favorite football team.

Go to Drinks for Pre, During, and Post-workout

BODYARMOR Sports Drink is a premium, sports drink that provides the perfect amount of hydration especially after burning calories. It is packed with refueling electrolytes, hydrating coconut water and vitamins. It is low in sodium, high in potassium, contains natural flavors and sweeteners and no colors from artificial sources.

BODYARMOR is available in single bottles and 6-Packs. At the moment, my favorite flavor is Fruit Punch — but they come in 11 flavors including Strawberry Banana, Orange Mango, Lemonade, Fruit Punch, Tropical Punch, Blackout Berry, Mixed Berry, Grape, Pineapple Coconut, Watermelon Strawberry and Knockout Punch. . These three are my go-to beverages from start to finish to ensure I perform my best in the gym.You can find BODYARMOR Sports Drink at local retailers and grocery stores including Target, Kroger, Publix & Lowes Foods.BODYARMOR Sports Drink

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