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Gifts for Boys that Encourage Outdoor Play

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When you think of gifts for boys do Daisy BB guns come to mind? For me it does because my boys would be content to sit in the house reading or playing video games. They do not like going outside so when brainstorming Christmas present ideas for them it always involves gifts that encourage outdoor time.

My sons are eleven and fourteen. They love listening to my old army stories and looking at pictures of my time in the service.


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They think it’s so exciting, but if I dare bring up anything involving bugs, dirt, sweat, the outdoor elements, they lose interest.

They love hearing about the outdoors, but don’t like outdoors.

My husband and I try to change that every year in the gifts we buy them. This year we’re gifting them a 880 Powerline Air Rifle with Scope.

We found ours at the Academy Sports store that opened in our area.

A bb gun is a great gift for boys, especially in the area where we live.

It’s pretty rural, we have a pretty large back yard and plenty of space for them to get some real world target practice.

Teaching them bb gun safety and how to hit targets will be a great time for us to bond.

The Daisy bb guns make great gifts for boys and girls. They even come in pink for the girls. The company is really concerned about children’s safety when using their products and have a ton of safety resources available on and offline.

“Daisy educates roughly one million of America’s youth a year through their Ten Lesson Shooting Curriculum about BB gun use and safety (found here).”

Things you should know:

  • Daisy’s educational curriculum has been around since 1948
  • Daisy educates through its partnership with leading conservation and youth training organizations such as National Wild Turkey’s JAKES Take Aim, 4-H National Shooting Sports, Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation, Royal Rangers, Youth Shooting Sports Alliance, Civilian Marksmanship, NRA, JROTC units, scouting, fish and game as well as church and private camps.
  • Daisy has engaged the masses with portable, inflatable BB gun ranges that can be found at major outdoor sporting goods retailers and leading conservation organizations. The majority of those who attend the outdoor or store event and shoot at the ranges are first-time shooters.

You can learn more about Daisy on their website, Facebook and Twitter pages.

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27 thoughts on “Gifts for Boys that Encourage Outdoor Play

  1. I have an almost ten year old daughter who would love something like this!

  2. Many hunters spray down with odor eliminator just after suiting up, and prior to the trek into the stand, but experienced hunters will bring an odor eliminator with them to the tree stand. After the walk to the stand, apply an odor eliminator to your body, paying special attention to your hat and hair.

  3. Wow!!!! exactly what i’m looking for. Many thanks

  4. My pony encouraged me to play more outside………..and yes it was a toy.

  5. My husband would LOVE to get that for my son, simply because the nostalgia of A Christmas Story, still our fave movie to this day!!

    1. Me too. Having a bike makes a kid feel like they're going some where. It was always an adventure.

  6. I started reading this in hopes of finding some ideas for my nephew…but since he is only two, I will have to put this on my idea list for a few years from now! But, great suggestion!

    1. Yes… It'll be some years before your nephew can get this as a toy, but definitely keep this is mind when he's if age.

  7. I have girls. My 16 year old has been shooting real guns since she was 8 or 10. I started hunting with my dad when I was much younger than that, with a .410 shotgun.
    The Chrismas movie is so funny with the kid who gets the bb gun, know which one I mean?

  8. I would love to win!! Hope your son enjoys his gift and bonding time with you!!!

    1. I'm glad it was warm yesterday. We got to go outside and use it. Your son can use it anytime. 🙂

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