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Get 1 Year of FREE Service with the Student Mobile Plan at Best Buy Mobile Specialty Stores

I’m at the mall so much nowadays that I feel like I work at the mall. There’s just something about an uh-may-zing deal that I just won’t pass up.
I went to the mall the get my FREE Victoria’s Secret Free bra top and stop by the Best Buy Mobile Specialty Store to check out their Sprint My Way Student Promotion for my son.
With the plan you can get one year of FREE service with the purchase of a participating mobile phone plus an additional year of service for qualifying referrals.
The Best Buy Mobile Specialty stores are only found in the mall and the locations are not like the regular Best Buy stores. 
They are a quarter of the size of the regular Best Buy stores, and the service seems much quicker.
Having this new spot right in the mall was so convenient. Instead leaving the mall and making another stop, I was able to find out what I needed about the promotion in between shopping.

Although the store is much smaller than the traditional Best Buy locations they did not skimp on an abundance of mobile phone options.

Sprint My Way Student Promotion details:
With this plan you get FREE talk, text and data for 12 month when you buy a participating phone.

The least expensive phones offered with this promotion were the;

 Kyocera Kona $249 (reg. $249.99)

LG Rumor Reflex $279 (reg. $299.99)

Samsung Galaxy S 4 Mini $349 (reg. $549.99)

There are lot’s of other phones to choose from but these three have the best value for the money. 
The newest and most expensive of the three phones is the Samsung Galaxy S 4 mini which came out after the iphone 5.

Even if you chose this phone, plus the added cost of the service activation fee of $36, it would be like paying $32 per month for the line and you’re getting an up to date phone.

Since we are on Christmas break I have a little while to make my decision before my son goes back to school. 

I’ll definitely have to make up my mind before 01/04/2014 when the offer ends.

If you want to learn more about the Sprint My Way Student Promotion visit or tweet @BestBuyMoble on Twitter.

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