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Garbanzo Bean Stir Fry with Avocado

I like to cook Garbanzo beans at the beginning of the week by the pounds. I cook two pounds of dry Garbanzo beans in my slow cooker and use them throughout to week in various recipes.

The recipes are usually invented out of the necessity to use up fresh ingredients in my refrigerator.

For this recipe I used fresh baby spinach leaves, pre-cooked diced sweet potatoes. To make the sweet potatoes, I peeled and diced them into small cubes.

They were seasoned with salt and paprika, then sauteed in extra virgin olive oil until slightly soft.

Next, I added the garbanzo beans to the pan and mixed them with the sweet potato. Finally, I added the fresh spinach and removed the pan from the heat. 

The heat from the sweet potato, and beans will soften the spinach.

I would have liked to infuse some garlic cloves in the oil first, but I didn’t feel like peeling them.

I served this with a side a fresh avocado. 

It was so delicious and filling. 

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