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Full Living Room Makeover

I jotted down some of Germaine and I’s successes from last year and updating our living room ourselves was very high on my list. After removing the carpet in half our home a few years earlier I remember Germaine saying he never wanted to install floors again. I knew after a few years break, he’d change his mind.Full Living Room Makeover

We we’re sick and tired — literally sick of our old carpet. We live in the South so between the dust and pollen the carpet was really a source of allergy flare ups. We did some price comparisons on having it professionally replaced with new carpet or flooring. Both quotes were more than we wanted to pay, so when we had a chance we pitched a brand on the idea of redoing the floors. They agreed and that’s how Germaine changed his mind about “never installing floors again”. That partnership saved us over $1,000 in product and labor to completely update over 1000 square feet of our home.Full Living Room Makeover Full Living Room Makeover

After the floors were installed we were content to leave our second living room mostly unfurnished as it had been for years. We loved having the space clear to use as a second dining room when friends and family were over. In fact it remained mostly unfurnished except for the rocking chair and woven ottoman in the previous picture for a few months.Full Living Room Makeover Full Living Room Makeover

Shortly after settling in to the new look we had the opportunity to work with Rooms To Go. We’d furnished our other living room with their furniture 17 years before and was very pleased with the quality.

So just a few days before Christmas, we signed the contracts and went shopping. Germaine and I were so excited because all of our children and grandchildren would be here for Christmas. While we were fine with setting up the table and chairs in this space, we were excited about the unexpected change of plans.Full Living Room Makeover Full Living Room Makeover

We spent our first Christmas in our newly renovated living room with the people we love most in the world. Last year ended on an amazing note for us.Full Living Room Makeover

We hope you’ve enjoyed what we’ve shared of our families lives and hope you look forward to sharing life with us this year.

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3 thoughts on “Full Living Room Makeover

  1. I’m loving these transformations. You are really making me want to do one!

    1. I have been watching your porch transformation and I love it.

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