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I Heart the Bib Necklace

A few weeks ago I order two necklaces, one of which was a bib necklace. I wore it with a red New York and Co. collard striped shirt, some red jeans and the gold sandals on the right in the first picture in this post. My hair was done in a simple twist out.

I already own one bib necklace that’s a bit different from this one because it’s shaped like “V” which works perfectly for v-neck shirts. 

This one is shaped like a crescent. What made me fall in love with this necklace was the design and the bling.

 The stones in this necklace sparkle in the sun which makes this necklace especially great for the Fall since it’s not as sunny as the Summer months. 

 The reflection of the sun on this necklace in the Fall is the exact impact I was hoping for when I bought it.

So as I’m out and about wearing my necklace it’ll be just the thing to sparkly and hopefully brighten someones day.

I’ve found accessories to be a conversation starter amongst women. I have struck up conversation with several women over the last few months simply because they’ve admired my jewelry.

That works just fine for me since making my commitment to be more outgoing. 

Who would have thought statement pieces would really make a statement?

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