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Frugal Makeup Storage Idea

I’m a huge fan of makeup storage ideas. I follow some of the most amazing beauty profiles on Instagram and get my fill of beauty storage ideas but some of the storage solutions are SO-DARN-EXPENSIVE!!
I’m seriously not about to plop down $100 for an acrylic lippie organizer.
Uh-un. Ain’t gonna happen!

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What I would do is look for frugal alternatives which I found while shopping a few days ago. While at the Goodwill I found some acrylic dishes that I though could work well at keeping my lippies and nail polish organized. 

When I saw them I knew they were the perfect size and shape.

They perfectly hold the lippies and nail colors I keep on my vanity. 

I only keep out beauty products I’m using during whatever season it is so these four containers provide the perfect amount of storage to accommodate.

I’m absolutely tickled to have found these containers for so inexpensively too. I was able to get them for under $3 which to me was a steal.

Now that I have these organizers, it makes displaying my beauty products even more fun.
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