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Friendly’s Family Dessert Soiree

This post has been sponsored by Friendly’s. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

The summer’s about to begin, so Germaine and I want to create as many amazing memories with our teens as possible. Sometimes having fun is as simple as a family soiree with desserts and games. Just a couple of items from the grocery store can create really special moments.
For dessert, we bought a few Friendly’s® Sundae Cups, candy and cupcakes at Kroger. Then we pulled out some card games we had on hand. Desserts, card games and us together is all we need to have a great time. Friendly's Family Dessert Soiree

Click here to check out the Friendly’s website to see more flavors.

Quite a bit of Germaine and I’s week involves doing things to make our kids smile. Niyah is seventeen, Juwan fifteen and they both still enjoy family time with us.

Just about every week Germaine and I check the movie box for something to watch with them. If not through a movie night, we’re thinking of other fun ways to connect. Niyah graduates in just over a year and Juwan will graduate right after her so our goal is to create as many fun memories with them before they both begin college.

 Friendly's Family Dessert Soiree

This weekend we planned a game day with desserts. It was easy since we used prepared desserts verses making them from scratch. With the weather topping out at almost 100 degrees, we could all use an ice-cream treat. The challenge with buying ice-cream is every one of us likes a different flavor. So instead of buying multiple quarts to make everyone happy, I bought everyone their pick of the NEW Friendly’s Sundae Cups from Kroger. The sundae cups are layered with everything you could imagine in a sundae! They include layers of sauces, candy, various ice cream flavors, candy and nuts.

The new flavors include Peanut Butter Cup, Ice Cream Cake, Original Fudge, and Reese’s Pieces, but there’s a variety of other flavors also available! Check out the Friendly’s site to see all of the options! I pick up ours at Kroger early Friday morning while the store was empty. I chose a few flavors I thought my family would like and hoped they didn’t melt on the way home. As soon as I got home I put them in the freezer while I set the table for the weekend. When the kids got home from school and saw the table set they knew I had something planned.
 Friendly's Family Dessert Soiree
On Saturday all we had to do was grab the ice cream from the freezer and a few other sweets. I still wasn’t sure if I got Friendly’s Sundae Cup flavors everyone liked or not, but when everyone picked their ice-cream there was no bickering.Friendly's Family Soiree

With so many new and original flavors to choose from there was something for everyone!
 Friendly's Family Dessert Soiree

 Friendly's Family Dessert Soiree

I love how the Friendly’s Sundae Cups are loaded with so many layers of goodness. I had not tried them before so I had no idea there was so much inside each cup. I bought cupcakes and chocolate to add to the cups, but we didn’t even use them. Each cup comes with ice-cream, sauces, candy and more! Each cup is a little surprise of sweetness minus having to assemble it yourself. The best part is that all those delicious toppings are layered throughout so you get that delicious bite over and over again!
Friendly's Family Soiree
With all the sauces, nuts, sprinkles and ice cream Friendly’s Sundae Cups really layer on the deliciousness. The best part is the time and money I saved. Not having to shop for and assemble multiple sundae combinations left more time to enjoy with the kids. We have three summers left before both of our teens are in college and we’re going to enjoy that time with them. Friendly's Family Dessert Soiree

What’s the last fun thing you did as a family?




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