FREE Printable Summer Vacation Planner’s ready for summer? I am which is why I’m in the planning stages of our summer vacation. Using my summer vacation planner will help keep me organized and I’ve uploaded for you to grab a copy as well. 

I sat down and created this Summer Vacation Planner using the ‘Pages’ program on my MacBook. I’m finally getting the hang of it so you’ll be seeing more printables from me.

I’m a organized person by nature and planning ahead for things like vacations, makes me clam. 

Knowing what things will cost, and having all of our important vacation information one place makes me happy.

When we planned our New York, New Jersey and Pennsylvania vacation a few years ago my mom was floored when I handed her a full vacation itinerary.

It listed where we’d be staying, what we’d be eating, and where we’d be going, down to the dates and times.

If you would like to learn more about how I’m planning our Orlando trip and how I’m putting together our itinerary, let me know and I’ll post more about that as I plan.

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Today I’m passing on a special treat for you. You can print a copy of the same sheet I’m using to track our vacation expenses.

Go ahead and download this FREE Printable Summer Vacation Planner.

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  1. Hey, you read my mind! We just started planning our trips for this year. Baltimore's Inner Harber, Hersheypark, and Lancaster, PA are on the top of the list!

  2. I'm ready for Summer .. Its crazy hot in Jamaica already. I like that you always plan all aspects of your life and always take along us your readers on your Process

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