Free Dentyne Gum 16ct.

The $1/1 Dentyne blinkie coupon has been one a the best coupons this month.
It allows you to get FREE Dentyne gum just about anywhere.
Right now I’m using it at Walgreens where Dentyne is $2 for 2.
For every 2 I buy I use 2 $1/1 Dentyne coupons. 
I also stacked it with the 5k Walgreens point booster coupon when you spend $25.
Buy 25 Dentyne = $25
Use 5k point booster coupon in ad
Use 25 $1/1 Dentyne coupons
Pay tax ($0.50 for me)
Get back 5k points = $5
Here’s my gum stash month to date minus what I’ve given my cashiers and what’s in my cars and pocket books.

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