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Flooring Install Update plus 4 Tips to Teach Kids How to Clean Floors

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We are a week away from finishing our den remodel and installing our bedroom flooring. In the midst of these projects we are keeping things pretty clean using our new Eureka SuctionSeal 2.0.

I bought it this weekend because our previous vacuum is having issues. I bought it at Walmart, on rollback for $129 — down from $148.88.

It’s lightweight, and it can be used on various surfaces. As you will see shortly, we have a variety of surfaces in our home right now.

In between finishing the trim in the den, painting and installing floors in the bedroom, we still have everyday messes.

With just about every laundry load, we have recycled tissue thanks to my teenager who rarely empties his pockets. He has the most aggressive allergies in the house and uses a lot of tissue, which I don’t mind. I just wish he’d empty it out of his pockets before putting his clothes in the laundry basket.

Everyone loads laundry and no one wants to empty his used tissue from his pockets, so we always end up with washed and dried tissue on the couch and the floor after folding laundry.

Most of the mess this weekend wasn’t from tissue, though, it was saw and cement dust.

We’ve done so much sanding and sawing this weekend, but the epic mess that could have resulted didn’t.

As we cut the trim and prepped sections of the floor, I vacuumed up the messes. The vacuum tube on the Eureka SuctionSeal 2.0 is wider than most, allowing more air flow to quickly suck up debris.

Here’s a video showing the Eureka in action. 

We should be finished the floors after Thanksgiving and then we’ll move on to the floors on our main level.

Most of our main level is carpeted and is the main type of surface we’ve had since moving into our home twelve years ago. Back then we had two kids, ages seven and two. We later had two more and they all learned to keep the house clean.

We taught them to clean the floors early on because they were the biggest contributors to the messes.

Back then vacuums weren’t as sophisticated and would blow trash under the furniture and appliances. The good thing about the Eureka SuctionSeal 2.0 is the suction seal stays in contact with the floor preventing food and trash from being blown around.

My children are now twenty, fourteen, twelve, and ten. They learned to vacuum around five years old. They first learned by using the handheld vacuum tools and later the vacuum itself.

Before I show you more progress pictures, here are some tips for teaching kids to clean floors properly.

4 Tips to Teach Kids How to Clean Floors

1. Remove clutter

Make sure they know what clutter is. For us, it’s anything such as clothes, toys, trash cans and objects that can damage the vacuum.

2. Use visual aids

When my kids were little, I taught them to clean the carpet by sprinkling baking soda or baby powder on the carpet. They’d have to vacuum until the traces of white was no longer visible. Now that they are older, they do a great job on all of our floors.

3. Teach proper technique

Because some vacuums don’t clean the perimeter of the rooms and stairs well, teaching how to use on board cleaning tools was important. We started our children out using on board tools.

I’d vacuum the area of the carpet and they’d use the on board, vacuum tools to clean the perimeter of the room and couches. We taught them how to clean in a back and forth motion and not to skip sections just because they looked clean.

4. Reward and congratulate

Everyone likes to be acknowledged for their efforts and hard work. Remember to point out what your child did well and reinforce what needs improvement. Overall be patient with them.

My kids did a great job helping us with our weekend remodel project. From the beginning, we’ve encouraged them to learn home management skills right beside us, and our efforts are paying off.

I see them taking pride in the part they’ve played in the remodel process.

Now for some more progress pictures. Once the entire room is done, I’ll share an update.

Question for the parents. 
In what ways do you involve your kids in home improvement projects and house cleaning tasks? 
What are your kids ages?
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101 thoughts on “Flooring Install Update plus 4 Tips to Teach Kids How to Clean Floors

  1. How great! I can’t wait to see the projects you did with the new saw. I’ve always wanted one of these vacuums! I’ve heard amazing things.

  2. Everything looks beautiful! My oldest is six and I have been looking for some easy ways for him to help around the house. This is what I need him to do 🙂

  3. Thanks for the tips on cleaning with kids. I'm always looking for ways to help my son get involved with taking care of our house.

  4. My oldest is at the point she is ready for household chores. Thanks for sharing these tips. I am going to try the "visual aid" with her and see how it goes.

  5. Great job on the makeover! Any ideas on getting a 19 yr old "pig pen" to use a vacuum. I'm always the mean step-mom if I even dare ask him to do anything!

    1. Raina my kids bedrooms are a pig pen. I don't know the secret to getting thrm to keep thier room clean. I just close the door and ignore the problem or lecture about cleanliness, but it never stays clean.

  6. Your makeover looks great! I am so hard on them that no matter what brand or quality they barely make it into the second year at my house. Looks like it's working for you!

    1. We were having the same problem. We're hard on vacuums since we vacuumed the dining room daily before finally taking up the carpet

  7. Ugh! How do those tissues in the pocket always slip in? Happens to me quite a bit. 🙂 I can't wait to see your finished remodel. It's looking great!

  8. My son is a bit young to clean the floor, though he likes to make a mess. 😀 But saving this article for the future.

  9. I hate when tissues get in the laundry! Your remodel looks fantastic.

  10. What a great post! You give me hope that we'll eventually get started and finished on our own floors. Your tips for teaching kids how to vacuum were great! Terrific idea to use baby powder. Smart! Love your before and after too!

    1. Thanks Joy. It took us so long to finally even start working on the floors. So far we've completed most of the downstairs. We just take it week by week…or I should say weekend

  11. I'll see what I can do in a tutorial. I have a small section of floor in the closet that isn't done, I can probably do a tutorial using that spot.

  12. Those floors look great with a little cleaning! I really want the tutorial on how to install though, lol

  13. Great job on the remodel. I love your idea of using baking soda/baby powder to teach kids to clean and I'm thoroughly impressed that the Eureka was able to get that sawdust up so easily!

    1. Me too Anitra especially on bare floors. My other vacuum blows the dust and sucks some. I'm better off using the broom with my old vacuum but the Eureka is very good on bare floors.

  14. I love the idea of putting some baby powder or something down so the kids can actually see it working! The room looks great

  15. When my son was little he LOVED to vacuum. That was the only thing I could get him to do though LOL

  16. Wow! I have got to get me one of those vacuums! I'm having to use our Vacuum all the time but it doesn't work very good. This looks perfect.

    1. It's tough when a vacuum doesn't do what it's designed to do. I've held on to subpar vacuums in the past trying to be frugal and caused myself frustration.

  17. The fact that this vacuum can clean up as well as it does is shocking! I'm leaning more towards picking one of these up when we end up needing a new one.

  18. Wow! The new floor is beautiful! My kiddo only recently started showing an interest in vacuuming. He does a pretty good job!

    1. An interest is all you need. They won't do a perfect job, but it's not always about perfect. I'm glad you have a little vacuum helper.

  19. I have to admit that's a great deal for this vacuum. I will have to check it out when I'm at the store. I must admit though, you make remodeling look super easy. I'm too intimidated!

    1. LOL…Some of it is easy it just takes a little while to complete with the bigger projects and I get impatient.

  20. the price for the vacuum is awesome. Having your children involved in remodeling and learning how to clean up is very important as well.

  21. I love how well that Eureka performed! Why is it that things always get worse before they get better when it comes to cleaning and remodeling? I just cleaned out a closet today and seeing everything out in the hallway so I could clean almost sent me into a panic attack!

    1. I cleaned and reorganized my closet last night. It started taking longer than I anticipated and I was freaking out because of the mess but I got it finished

  22. That Eureka was put through the paces. Glad it held up and did a great job!

  23. Love your floor beautiful I have buying flooring so I can put in my house but I don't have help right now so you keep up the good work

    1. Willie you may be able to ask a relative or neighbor. These are not hard to install at all

  24. Great job with the remodel! Thank you for the review, I have an older Eureka Vac that I
    love, but will need to be replaced in a few years, so it is good to know they are even better.

    1. There are several models out right now, but this one is good if your looking for a light weight vacuum that does heavy duty cleaning on carpeted or bare floors.

  25. I good vacuum is necessary when remodeling.

  26. I could use a new vacuum, I am really holding out for a Dyson, the dream vacuum I say, it's been on my wish list for a while, I love the cordless ones. They are pricey but I am saving to get one soon. And I must say your floors look gorgeous.

    1. Thank you. I have a Dyson. I think DC 60 Monster cordless. It stopped working properly in the first year. I like the compact cordless features but the fact it started having issues so soom was disappointing.

  27. You are making great progress there. Thanks for the tips on teaching the kids to clean floors. Really, the tip on putting down baking soda or baby powder is great for me. Nice scent, and you know if you have done a thorough job. Would like to have the vacuum you are using though.

    1. Put it on your list of things to watch for price drops on. Right now it's on rollback at Walmart, but maybe there will be an after Christmas special

  28. I taught my daughter to pick up after herself when she was little and she taught my grandson. Now I have a 10 month old great granddaughter we are trying to teach. She's stubborn like her dad. I have an Eureka vacuum I've had for years and still does the job.

    1. I hear the Eurekas hold up pretty well with time. We use ours a few times a week and so far we love it

  29. My kids are 9,7,6 and they love to help, except when it involves cleaning

  30. My kids are adults now. You do have some good tips. Children should learn at a young age to help with family chores.

  31. I love the DIY night stand post! Awesome redo! They came out so pretty and look great!

    1. Thanks so much. I bummed because I csng use them in my bedroom since we've rearranged. There isn't space on the new wall where our bed is so ill be searching Goodwill and Craigslist to find smaller ones.

  32. Wow, projects are always hard to live through but when they are done, they are worth it!

  33. that's a beautiful project! great for the family to get involved. looks awesome.

    1. It would definitely be harder without thier help. I always remind them how much they are appreciated in the family and how thier help allows us to accomplish our family goals

  34. I am a firm believer in teaching kids how to clean. They might not like it but they will thank you later. 🙂

  35. It's so important to get the kids involved in chores. vaccuuming is a great chore to startvwith.

  36. Hardwood floors are so awesome, I love the ones we got in the kitchen, I would love to put some in the dinning room also and by the front door. Awesome job remodeling.

    1. We have the upstairs to work on next. We just tiled our kitchen and dining room. I was going to use hardwood but later decided on tile

    1. You should do it. YouTube helped a lot. After the first two rows it got easier since we figured out how to connect them.

  37. I'm not a wife or a mother but i love your posts. I save them as reference for when i do take on these titles. Keep it up

  38. What a beautiful makeover!! I so wish I could have wood floors in our whole house, I love it!! Plus, that vacuum looks like it works great! 🙂

  39. Love the floors. My daughter needs a vaccuum so I will look into this one.

  40. I like your suggestions on how to teach children how to vacuum floors! The baby powder tip is great.

    1. I homeschooled them in the primary grades and visual aids always helped with teaching lessons so I figured why not apply the same method to chores.

  41. Looks great I need a new vacuum! And way to go getting the kids to help!

  42. You are so very creative and those floors are gorgeous! Reward and congratulate the kids huh? We'll see how that works out.

    1. Rewarding and congratulating works best with my daughter. Her love language is gifts and words of affirmation. Just home in on what motivates your child. My son likes physical touch. A hug for a great job makes his day.

  43. That floor is absolutely amazing! I am swooning over the color of the floor. Once we don't have pets in the house, I am going for the hardwood. Thanks for your great review. My 13 year old son actually loves to vacuum. More than me!

    1. Jennifer, can I have your son? Ha!! It took forever to decide on the floor finish. Almost a year. It looks nicer than I imagined.

  44. I love what y'all are doing- great job. The tips will come in handy with my own Messy Marvins!

    ~Sandy Gram

  45. Looks like you really put your new Eureka to the test! Love the color of your new flooring. If I could do ours over right now, I would go a deep gorgeous dark color. So impressed with all your home improvement posts. So inspiring!

    1. Thanks Andrea. Had it not been for DIY & decor bloggers I would have never had the courage to tackle some of the projects we've done. We built a deck this year, that was epic for us.

  46. The floors look beautiful! My 5-year-old has learned how to use the vacuum cleaner and now loves to vacuum!

    1. That's the age where they love it and think it's fun. Cherish it…lol. My kids act like I'm nagging them and their the ones who dirty the floors

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