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Five habits of highly organized people

Five habits of highly organized people
1. We’re planners. Highly organized people take time throughout the day to organize their thoughts, their time and forecast the future. 

The day for me starts with my planner and calendar. I sit down for 15-30 minutes reviewing the day before, mapping the current day and forecasting the future. When I skip this, I end the day feeling like I reacted to the days activities versus attacked my day with a focused plan. On the days I skip this step, I end up not having used my energy to accomplish the as much as I could have.

2. We’re goal setters. Highly organized people take time to decide what they want to do. Where they want to go. They map out how they’re going to get there and how they’re going to accomplish their goals.

This piggy backs on the planning part of my day. Every month starts with a planning session that focuses on my goals for the month. The monthly goals are smaller tasks that help me get closer to my annual goal. Highly organized people thrive on results and goals provide a concise start and end point to the activities I devote my time to daily.

3. We’re visionaries. Highly organized people see things how they are but they are also able to visualize things how they should be.
They don’t get stuck by problems.They don’t get overwhelmed and paralyzed into inactivity. Highly organized people are very future focused and that keeps them from getting too bogged down with the present. 

Each day, I try to visualize where I want to be and what life will be like once I reached my goals. Taking time to see myself at the end of my journey gives me fuel to do the work necessary to get there.

4. We’re lifelong learners. Highly organized people are always seeking ways to improve their current system. 

A few minutes of just about everyday is spent seeking knowledge whether in my business or personal life. I don’t pretend to have all of the answers, but I know there is a vast wealth of information available especially in this digital age that affords me opportunities to educate myself.

5. We’re not afraid of beneficial change and consistently look for ways to save things like time, money, space and energy when it comes to organization. 

I hate change unless it’s for the better. This piggybacks off of habit four. As I learn new things, my goal is to figure out how to act on what I’ve learned and incorporate what I’ve learned into my life.

Highly organized people are quick to implement new strategies and often act on ideas they see as beneficial to their success.

Some resources that help me stay organized on a day to day basis are my planner pages and budget sheets. My planner pages help me manage my time and the budget sheets help me manage my money.

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3 thoughts on “Five habits of highly organized people

  1. Woman are so goal oriented, as for me I make plans to organize my thoughts. Good point there Miss, sometimes, I stay on the safe side as I don't want to fail but when realization kicks in, I won't be able to use my true potential if I don't adhere to change. Motivation 101 at its best!

  2. You'be described me. I do all those things. I even write my goals very week. It keeps me focused and accountable. Once I achieved the goal its replaced by a new one. Great post! Thank you for spreading highyl orgamized people awareness. ??

    1. De I can tell from your online presence that you do these things! You're super organized and make good use of your time via meal planning, faith development, excersice, etc. You Rock!

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