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About a year ago, I made up my mind that I was going to get healthy. That included eating healthier and exercising consistently. I’m a mom of 4, and I’ll be 40 in 3 years yet I feel amazing.

A year ago, I was tired all of the time, addicted to caffeine, eating junk, skipping meals, was sick, and had headaches often. 

My husband nagged me to no end about my health, but I still wouldn’t go to the gym. I only weighed 125 pounds and was skinnier than most women so I felt like I was healthy. Boy was I wrong! 

Do you know you can be skinny and unhealthy?

Today I’m even skinnier, but I’m stronger, in better physical shape and I’m rarely sick…in fact I can’t remember the last time I was sick.

A year ago I made a decision, but each day I had to keep rededicating myself to that choice. It was hard, but I had something driving me.

For a long time, I’d given up shopping. I mean, I was a complete fashion flunky until we made the decision to become debt free. I’d shop every week, before making the decision to pay off our debt. 

Now that we only have a mortgage left to pay, we can budget for spending money and my spending money goes straight to fashion related purchases.

Once I started following more and more women in fitness, I realized that there is some cute workout stuff on the market. Knowing that every few weeks, I can buy something cute excites me about exercising.

That’s my motivation. It may not work for you, but you need to find out what does and use that to reward yourself. A friend of mine loves Starbucks and treats herself to a soy milk latte after every workout. She works twice as hard at the gym so she can drink her Starbucks guilt free and still look amazing.

Find your motivation. Devise your fitness plan, and be committed to success.

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