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February Goals

I’m not sure if this will be a monthly post or a one-time thing, but I wanted to give y’all a glimpse of what my monthly goals look like in some key areas of my life. 
Monthly Goals
If I had to describe myself I’d have to say that I am a reluctant goal setter. What I mean, is I don’t do well with setting goals for every single thing. For instance, I find that setting income goals don’t work for me. When I set them too low I feel like I didn’t believe in my abilities, but when I set them too high, I feel like I wanted something God didn’t want for me. For that reason, I don’t set income goals per se. 
That being said, these are my goals for February broken down by category. 


Exercise at least 4 days a week

Read a chapter of Draw a Circle daily*

Read the Bible daily

Paint my nails weekly

No online after 9:30*

Drink water within 30 minutes of waking up*

Drink 48 oz. of water per day

Pre-cook meals for the week on Sunday*

Journal my “Thankful” entry daily*

Journal my “Bible Verse” daily*

Complete Duolingo Spanish Practice Daily

I’ve been doing all of these throughout last year and feel like I have a solid habit in those areas. The ones with the asterisk are part of my new routine. I’ve been doing my “thankful” journaling on the note page of my monthly planner kit until I actually create a page for it as an add-on to the kit. 

Having the “thankful” and “Bible verse” journaling be part of my homemaking binder makes it easier for me to get it done.


Giveaway 13% off our income

Invest 15% of our household income

Pay and extra $1000 mortgage payment

Work on my cash envelope habit

These are our same goals from last year and will pretty much stay the same until the mortgage is paid off.

Blog | Content:

Publish 4 posts a month

Publish 1 Vlog 

Publish 4 posts a month

Publish 1 Devotional Vlog

This content creation format has been working for me the past three months. Around November last year, I was inconsistent with my blog content and I didn’t like that I was posting less on . To balance things out, I became more structured with my writing time. Last month I had these same goals and was happy with the content I created for both sites.

If I don’t write a goals post for every month, at the very least I’ll come back and update this post to let you now how I did.

Chicas, I’d love for you to share a goal you set for yourself this month?


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  1. Lots of great goals both personal and blogging. Vlog – ack I'm so afraid of video!

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