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Fall Jewelry Trends

This falls jewelry trends are leaning toward one of my favorite styles. Gold jewelry was the signature style of the 80’s and is making a comeback. 

It’s not just gold that’s making an encore appearance but some of the 80’s style is showing up in this years pieces.

1. Rope Chain 

2. Thick Bangle Bracelets 


3. Bangle Earrings


4. Gold Watch

5. Figaro Chain


6. Thin Bangle Bracelets

Gold is very versatile and can be worn year round which makes them timeless. Take a look at how I weaved gold accessories into my wardrobe this summer.

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9 thoughts on “Fall Jewelry Trends

  1. This is something new that I have heard so far. I have been in the jewelry work for a long time but never came across like this, Its an interesting thing to me. I own a fashion jewelry stores online and would love to add some interesting designs in my collection.

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  3. It is always great to have a basic simple yet elegant jewelry base ready for any fashion. Love your selection.

  4. I am a huge lover of the multi-thin bangles!! I think I must have 2 dozen or so. Switching them up is always fun!

  5. Gold toned Jewelry has been a favorite of mine for he last few years 🙂

  6. I love earrings and love big hoop or bangle earrings. I can't wait to pull out the accessories this summer.

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