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Every Women Needs a Time of the Month Drawer

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As a mom there are certain nuggets of wisdom I want to pass down to my daughters.

When it comes to prepping for their periods I always insisted on them taking their time the first day or two and getting enough rest.

They’ve also watched their father reinforce that. When I get my period, he’s quick to jump in and take over the household responsibilities.

He tells me my job is to rest and relax, but to do that there are a few things that must be in place.

You guys knows how much I love side table and nightstand draws to be functional. I don’t believe in them just being a place to fill with junk. In fact, I think ever women should have at least one drawer dedicated to helping her be productive. I have several of these drawers including one I use during my time of the month.

It’s decorated in pretty contact paper and filled with things I want when I have my period.

Let me show you how I put it together. To start, I lined it with chevron contact paper.

Then I filled it with a few things from CVS. Every women’s drawer will be different so don’t feel like you can only fill it with what I show you.

While at CVS I replenished my sanitary products, snacks and picked up to things I know will help me feel pampered during my menstrual cycle.

I bought a pack of U by Kotex® tampons and pads, snacks, hot/cold body wrap, eye mask, pain reliever, and water. 
The U by Kotex® come in cute, funky colors I knew would look nice displayed in my drawer and they are super absorbent. I love the absorbency of the U by Kotex® 3D Capture Core® With Xpress DRI line and that allows me to relax and not worry about accidents. 

To keep things organized in my draw I’m using small containers. They are the perfect for storing a few pads and tampons. Storing tampons in a small  drawer can be challenging because tampons are typically long. However, the U by Kotex® Click® are compact for storage and expand to full size with just a pull and click. 

I like storing my sanitary products in my drawer, unboxed because it makes them easy to grab plus the colors are pretty.

My larger supplies are stored beside my containers. They’re easy to get to from my bedside and I can see my pretty contact paper peeking out from in between them.

A few days before I have a period, I take a few minutes restock my drawer. 

If you don’t have a drawer like this, you need one. As you can see, it’s so easy to put together.

If you do it you’ll thank me.

Head over to for more fun ideas to prepare for your time of the month. 

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14 thoughts on “Every Women Needs a Time of the Month Drawer

  1. My time of the month drawer looks kind of like yours but it has lots of chocolate and some pretzels. I need a little sweet and some salty too!

  2. I like the idea of having a drawer for that special time of the month. These are all things I would have in it.

  3. Great idea! Just looking at an organized month drawer like that with all the necessities can take your mind away from the discomfort. Thanks for sharing. I am going to make something like this too!

  4. A month drawer sounds like a great idea. Yours is so colorful and organized.

  5. I've never thought to devote a whole drawer to it, but I'm all over this idea. I'm going to have to do it for sure!

  6. I have a drawer in the master bathroom like this, and I keep a Wonder Woman pencil case with backup supplies in the guest bathroom, so I'm never caught unprepared.

  7. I have no drawers in my bathroom, but I could use something to keep everything store under the sink in order. I like the different bins you have everything in.

  8. I don't have storage drawers in my bathroom. We have a pedestal sink which to me is cute but makes no sense for storage. I keep a small wicker basket on a shelf in my bathroom with sanitary items too.

  9. Is it inconvenient to store pads and tampons in your nightstand, rather than in the bathroom?

  10. This s a great idea! My side table drawers are always a disaster, but then I have to shuffle through the bathroom to find the necessary items for that time of the month. #client

    1. I have a drawer in my bathroom and was debating whether to put this stuff in there. Right now I have a nice square basket where I store sanitary items. It's high enough where you can see what's in it. (Discreet)

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