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Egg, Bacon and Asiago Cheese Bagels

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As I’m writing, it’s currently meal planning Sunday for Germaine and I. We’ve pretty much mapped out this weeks meals and will prepare everything later this afternoon to include what we’ll eat for breakfast, lunch and dinner this week.

Germaine and I do a lot together including work, exercise and prepare our meals for the week. At the end of each week, usually Friday, we both decide what we want to eat.

That’s right! He makes his meal plan and I make mine. We have different calorie and fitness goals so we have to eat differently. Other factors we consider when it comes to meal planning is what we like to eat and what nutrients our bodies need based on our ages and genders.

We realize it takes different meal and exercise plans for us to reach peak performance so we plan our meals individually and prepare together each Sunday.

For breakfast Germaine tends to eat dense meals and I prefer something light. A light breakfast and favorite for me are these Egg, Bacon and Asiago Cheese Bagels using Egg Beaters® Original.

You can hover over the image below, click through and add Egg Beaters to your Walmart Grocery order. So easy!

I grew up in New York City which is where I developed my love for bagels. Bagels were my go-to breakfast most mornings. There were bagel trucks on just about every corner in the city and I could get one made in hundreds of combinations. One of my favorite combinations included egg, bacon and some form of cheese. After trying a Egg, Bacon and Asiago Cheese Bagel I was hooked.Egg, Bacon and Asiago Cheese Bagels

I later moved south where bagel trucks aren’t as popular so I have to make my own bagels if I want the combinations from my childhood. Since I’ll eat this two to three times this week I make sure to pre cook enough slices of bacon to store in the fridge. Bacon takes forever to cook so cooking it ahead will shave off at least thirty minutes cook time. Eggs on the other hand are one of those foods I don’t like making ahead. Reheated eggs lose their moisture and don’t reheat well. To prep my eggs in advance I buy Egg Beaters® Original. They’re made from real eggs, have 1/2 the calories of shell eggs and are made with all-natural egg whites.

Egg Beaters come in several varieties includes NEW Egg Beaters Whole Eggs with NISIN. NEW Egg Beaters Whole Eggs with NISIN are 100% Whole Farm Fresh Eggs with no artificial flavors or colors.

Egg Beaters are a nutritious alternative to shell eggs especially when I need a nearly instant breakfast after my workout. When I come in from the gym I’m famished so I don’t want to spend a lot of time getting food on my plate. I just want grab the ingredients I prepped on the weekend and pull a meal together in under 30 minutes. Using Egg Beaters Original saves me time in the kitchen becuase part of the work is done for me. There are no eggshells to crack and clean up. I just twist off the cap, pour my desired amount and cook. They’re also lower in fat and cholesterol due to the fact they have 99% egg whites and no egg yolk.

Egg, Bacon and Asiago Cheese Bagels

That makes this recipe even more of a win for me this week. It’s quick, easy to make and taste so good. That’s enough about the my meal planning so let me get on the recipe.

IngredientsEgg, Bacon and Asiago Cheese Bagels

Step 1Egg, Bacon and Asiago Cheese Bagels

Step 3Egg, Bacon and Asiago Cheese Bagels

Egg, Bacon and Asiago Cheese Bagels

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