Easy Valentine’s Day Party and Valentine’s Box Tutorial

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Valentine’s Day will will have come and gone before we know it so it’s definitely time to start planning especially if you’re having a party. 
If you’re frugal like me, and host a lot of parties, you’ll want to figure out an inexpensive way to make a big impact. For this party, I only spent $50 for a lunch party that serves ten.
Not only am I going to show you how I decorated, but I’ll also show you how to make the decorations.

The first thing I did was glam up some Capri Sun juice pouches I bought at Sam’s Club.

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I bought the 40 count variety pack to ensure there would be at least one flavor every child would like. 

The Capri Sun 40 count variety box can be found on the ‘beverage aisle’ at Sam’s Club and only cost $6.98 at my club. With so many juice options at Sam’s Club, here are some reason why I chose Capri Sun.
  • NO artificial sweeteners, Colors, Flavors, or Preservatives.
  • Reduced Sugar- 25% less sugar than other leading juice drinks.
  • Good Source of Vitamin E
  • Clear Bottom Pouch so you can ‘see the goodness.’
  • The Capri Sun Variety Pack 40 Count features 10 of each of the following favorite flavors: Fruit Punch, Pacific Cooler, Wild Cherry, Strawberry Kiwi

Valentine's Day Juice Boxes

To glam up the juice pouches, I’m using wired ribbon and felt hearts purchased at a craft store for under $2 each. I cut the ribbon to fit the circumference of the juice pouch and hot glued the ends, then I hot glued on the felt hearts. 

Don’t throw your boxes away, because at the end of this post I’m going to show you how to make some ubber cute Valentines Box for your kids.
While at Sam’s Club I also grabbed the ‘twin pack’ of Oscar Mayer Smoked Turkey. It’s a total of 2.5 pounds, which makes a whole bunch of sandwiches. I kept the sandwiches real simple, but made them special with Valentine’s Day themed sandwich bags. 
I wanted to make heart cutouts on the sandwiches, but I couldn’t find my heart cookie cutter. Oh well…I’m sure the kids won’t mind. The little sandwich baggies were also under $2 for a pack of 25.

When it comes to parties, I will glam up a cake or cupcake in a hot second. Instead of making cupcake toppers like I did for my New Years Eve party, I went with a pre-made banner. It was under $2 at the craft store, it was perfect, plus it would save me time not having to make one.

I mean really…how cute is the banner? I’m in love!

I didn’t even plan on getting two desserts, but when I saw the JELL-O Temptations Strawberry Cheesecake and JELL-O strawberry sundae, I had to try them, I mean I had to get them for the kids.

I embellished them using a similar technique to my Sparkly Cupcake toppers and just slid them down behind the JELLO cups.
I already had a few Valentine’s Day decorations on hand and if you do too, you’ll save a little more money on your party. I had this red heart wreath bought a few years ago on clearance, so no extra money spent there. 
The frame is one I already had as well. I simply attached the wreath to the frame using a thumb tack.

I did, however, spend money on the canvas letters. When I saw them, I had to have them. I’ll use them all over my house this year since love is a year round theme in my home. The canvas letters were only $2 each.

Now let me share a quick tip with you. When setting up your table, you’ll want to have stuff at different heights so things don’t look lost and cluttered. Creating height can be achieved with almost anything such as boxes, wood or books wrapped in paper or cloth. (Click to tweet this tip)
You can even add height using cake stands. For today’s party, I’ve used scrap 2×4’s wrapped in craft paper to add height to the canvas letters and frame.
The final food item on my table is popcorn. What kid doesn’t love buttery popcorn. I went in the store looking for popcorn buckets, but when I saw these ubber cute heart cut-out bags I knew they’d be perfect. 

 To jazz them up, I used the leftover felt hearts from the juice pouch project. After I rolled the bags and sealed them, I hot glued a felt heart onto each bag.

Now, I’m going to give you more bang for your buck because I’m going to show you how to repurpose those empty Capri Sun boxes.

Making a Valentine’s Box is super easy. (Tweet This

Everything you need is in the picture below. If you can wrap a present, you can make a Valentine’s Box. 

I used an envelope to determine how long to make my opening and made the opening wide enough to fit a candy bar.

The next thing I did was wrap my box with sparkly pink wrapping paper. You can use what will work best for your child. Once the box was wrapped and secured with hot glue, I used my scissors to cut an opening. I just made a slit down the pre-cut opening we made. Next, I folded the excess paper from the slit, into the box.

Then, using scrapbook paper, or any thick paper you have, make a heart the length of your opening. You can even make butterfly wings if our creative enough to free hand them. Next, I cut the heart in half and attached one side of the heart to either side of the opening.

Finally, I embellished to edges using bling on a roll. You can use buttons or any craft item you have on hand.

I really hope you enjoyed this Valentines Day Party and Valentine’s Box Tutorial as much as I enjoyed putting it together. Thank you to everyone who voted on the nail color I’d use in this post.

Number two had the most votes and it’s the color on my nails in the pictures throughout this post.

What did you love most about this party? Would you like to see more posts like this?
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  1. Hey this is truly the perfect stuff to munch on a Valentine’s Day party. Thanks for sharing these food and Valentine’s Day gift tutorials. I am planning to propose my girlfriend on upcoming Valentine’s Day. I would like to host a private party too at some beautiful NYC venues.

  2. Hey love! I am really blown away by your craftiness! Too adorable I love the popcorn baggies…I love all of it I am inspired!

  3. Such a creative party! I think the the JELL-O Temptations Strawberry Cheesecakes and JELL-O strawberry sundaes were the perfect dessert to serve! Those sound good!

  4. I like the amount of money spent … and where you highlight where you can save money elsewhere. I've seen people pay a fortune putting on parties for their kids. this is in my budget. My children are not here yet but this is definitely getting pinned for the future.

  5. That entire Valentine's Day setup is so attractive and eye-catching. I love the heart centerpiece, and those cupcakes are having me drool. If I had something like that done for me when I was 10, I'd be in heaven. Everything looks so special.

  6. I love that you repurposed the box! They don't make boxes for Valentine's at my sons school anymore! They decorate paper bags lol! He's really missing out, decorating a box was so much fun when I was little!

  7. What a great party, I simply cannot believe you pulled this off for $50- you are a genius! I love how you turned the Capri Sun boxes into Valentine's Mailboxes- we always end up with buckets that tip and wind up with Valentine's everywhere! P.S. Your nails are FAB, your readers chose the perfect color! #client

    • Same problem with the buckets. The teachers were encouraging plastics Ziploc bags, but I think these are much cuter, plus it keeps my kids from eating the bulk of thier candy before getting home. P.S. I think they made the right nail polish choice too!! It was the one I was leaning towards.

  8. Thanks for breaking this down into simple, easy to follow directions. Normally, I skip DIY and craft posts because they make me feel clumsy and lacking creativity. Not this one. I especially like the repurposing of the Capri Sun cartons.

  9. Oh my goodness! What a fun-looking, creatively put-together party! I can't believe you did all this on such a small budget. Looking forward to seeing more of your party ideas!

    • Yup…I'm about to dog into one of those cupcakes right now. I think my kids will have a hard time getting to sleep. They don't normally get sweets on weekdays. They're loving my job right now.

  10. All your decorations were absolutely adorable. My favorite thing is the star shaped cut out for the bread! I would use that all year long. It looks like you made a nice party for all the children.

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