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Easy Savings with Walmart Savings Catcher

This Walmart #SavingsCatcher campaign was created as part of a sponsored post for SocialStars.

I’ve been a lazy couponer lately. In fact, I haven’t ordered coupon inserts in over a month. Nor have I been in the mood to shop multiple stores for the best deals, but I haven’t forsaken my money saving ways.

In place of shopping multiple store, I’ve been using the Walmart Savings Catcher, a more laid back approach to saving. 

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I tested out the Walmart Savings Catcher on some items I knew were priced lower at other stores to see if the program was accurate.

Powerade was priced $0.66 at Kroger and $0.88 at Walmart and instead of driving out of the way to Kroger, I decided to test the Walmart Savings Catcher. 

I went ahead and bought them for $0.88 then submitted my receipts using the Walmart Savings Catcher app. It took like 30 seconds since all I had to do is scan the barcode on my receipt using the app.

Within 72-hours of submitting my receipt, I received an email saying I had a $5.28 savings refund.

That’s a savings of $5.28 plus the money I saved on gas.

Since then, I’ve saved on everything from ice-cream to household items because there are so many items that qualify for the price comparison

I’m thinking about letting my savings accumulate until Decemeber then cashing them out for a Walmart e-gift card to help with Christmas gifts.

In the meantime, I’ll continue saving using the Walmart Savings Catcher and saving my coins in my new piggy bank. 

Want to see the steps I took to spruce up my piggy bank? Of course you do. 
Head over and check out my easy DIY Gold Piggy Bank Tutorial

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30 thoughts on “Easy Savings with Walmart Savings Catcher

  1. My daughters and I are ttying this so that we can get their brother a flight home for Christmas. -Marti

  2. Wow, great job saving! We just started using this and hope to accumulate rewards! -Amy

  3. im saving for christmas!

  4. Saving mine for one day to have a free grocery shopping trip, then get more back through the Savings Catcher.

  5. I love using the Saving Catcher. I think I might just do what everyone else is doing and use my saving for Christmas gift cards.

  6. Sometimes I don't feel like getting the baby out at 100 different stores for a dollar or two in savings, this would save a ton of time and money!

  7. I will use my savings towards Christmas for sure!

  8. I haven't started yet, but looking forward to saving for Christmas shopping!

  9. After reading some of the other replies, I've decide to keep saving all of this extra money to use at Christmas time! I was planning on using it for gas purchases or even just towards my weekly grocery store trip, but I like the Christmas idea!

  10. I am going to use my savings for Christmas time

  11. I've been using this since the beginning of August and have already accrued almost $20! It's really great for the day before payday when we're out of everything! I just remember my little Savings Catcher stash and all is well! 🙂

  12. You can use this without a smart phone by visiting the Walmart site and enter your codes online.

  13. I've been using Walmart saving catcher for a few weeks and really like it.

  14. Can you use this with out a smart phone? I do not have one or want one. I love to save and do ad match at Wal-mart but do not know if one can do it anotherway.

  15. I love it! I have earned 41 dollars in the past two months that I have had it. It added up more quickly than I imagined.

  16. Willl give it a try.

  17. I'm saving mine for my daughter.. She's gonna be having a baby girl herself and thought, why not give it to her.. It's gonna be a decent one 🙂 and then every year, I'll give my others to my grand baby if they keep this around…

  18. I'm just learning all of this

  19. I like many other am also saving for Christmas Presents.

  20. John, make sure to check the list of qualified items that way you can plan to buy those items at Walmart to get the most savings. Hopefully more items will be added to match your shopping habits.

  21. Elizabeth, you can use the app or not. I often just visit the Walmart Savings Catcher site to enter my receipts. Don't let the app stop you from getting your savings. Visit the site too.

  22. I was excited too about the WalMart savings catcher. The double cash back for adding cash to bluebird is even more exciting.

  23. I have the Walmart catcher and have not saved alot of money. I have spent alot of money each week and only saved 4.84, wow. I am going to use the saving and buy a hamburger.

  24. i'm saving for Christmas also as these kids get older gift become more expensive.

  25. Having a goal for the savings motivates me to shop at Walmart a bit more knowing my savings is adding up and will be used for a specific purpose. Imagine how much could be saved if someone started at the beginning of the year and let is build up through December. 🙂

  26. I have been using the Walmart savings a catcher for a few weeks now and I really like it! I like the idea of turning it into a Walmart gift card for Christmas

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