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Easy $200 Kitchen Makeover

With just $200, some paint and inexpensive updates, we turned our dark dated kitchen into a bright family cooking space we loved.

This easy kitchen on a budget project here almost took us out. What Germaine and I thought would be a two to three day project tops turned into a seven day project. We started on a Wednesday and planned to be done by the weekend, but didn’t account for us both getting sick.

Yes…both Germaine and I got sick at the same time and that has never happened in the twenty years of us being together. Now that we work together full time I guess we have no choice but to make each other sick.

We started the project Wednesday by removing all of the cabinet doors and drawer faces. You truly don’t know how cluttered your cabinets are until you take off all of the doors. Organizing these cabinets however will be a project for another day.Easy Kitchen Makeover on a Budget

Once we had all of that off we had to sand everything. We didn’t go crazy here. In fact we probably sanded way less than we should have because I was aiming for progress over perfection.

We gave everything a light sanding and primed the cabinets with a primer specifically for kitchen cabinetry. That was the most expensive item for this project so I hoped above all hope that it did what it promised.Easy Kitchen Makeover on a BudgetWe applied to coats of primer and three coats or paint. We’d apply a coat and let in dry for several hours and then repeat the process. After the first two coats of primer we decided to allow a full 24-hours drying time in between coats because the coating felt sticky. Waiting for the paint to dry between coats was the hardest part.Easy Kitchen Makeover on a Budget

Once everything was painted and fully dry we ordered (these inexpensive drawer pulls). We needed 21 for our kitchen and chose black although I really wanted gold or silver. With our project of late I have been insisting on making most of the design choices and Germaine has been very gracious with me, but I am not going to be obnoxious and take advantage of his flexibility. What he like in terms of design is just as important as what I like and when working on projects with my husband it has to be give and take. He pretty much let me have my way (on our bathroom project) so even though I don’t love the black handles I love my husband and want him to feel like he’s and important part of what we are creating in our home.

So the entire project cost us just under $200! Yes…for under $200 updated our kitchen and made it a space we are excited to share with our guests.The grimy 17 year old range hood is gone and in its place sits a sleek black hood that matches out appliances.Easy Kitchen Makeover on a Budget

Project Cost

Paint $38
Cabinet Pulls $23.99 (25 pack)
Cabinet Bumpers $6.99 (120 pieces)
Primer $52
Range Hood $39
Brushes $12

The next kitchen project on our list will be replacing the kitchen counters with something lighter and possibly opening up the wall. For now, here are some in progress pictures and a sneak peek after picture of our kitchen makeover.

Easy Kitchen Makeover on a Budget

Easy Kitchen Makeover on a Budget

Easy Kitchen Makeover on a Budget
Easy Kitchen Makeover on a Budget

We are in love with the way the kitchen turned out. It went from being one of the darkest rooms in the colder months to one of the brightest. Our kitchen is closed off from the dining room and living room blocking the sun.

Lightening up the paint makes the room much brighter. When I get a chance I will take pictures of the entire kitchen and point out the changes we made.

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  1. Hi where did you get the pull handles?

    1. Hey Mamma Diva… I linked to them in the post for you.

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