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Preparing for the Pitch

I love pitching for paid partnerships and I want to help you love it too! Once you see how much control it gives you over your sponsored content income, you’ll be hooked too!

  • Are you tired of  waiting for networks to release campaigns?
  • Are you sick of having to lower your rate substantially for those tighter budgets offered through networks?
  • Do you want more freedom over your compensation for partnerships?

If you answered yes to any of those questions, then Preparing For The Pitch is for you!

Preparing For The Pitch

The four modules included in this course will show you how to prepare your pitch for brands. You will learn:

  • How to find contacts to pitch.
  • How to start the partnership conversation with brands.
  • How to BOLDLY leverage and present your brand as an asset.

You will get an exclusive sneak peek inside my inbox filled with thousands of dollars worth of partnerships and after taking this course, you will feel BOLD enough to pitch big brands like Universal Studios, Thermos and Disney.

This time next year, I hope you’ll be telling me about the amazing brands you’ve partnered because you’ve implemented the blueprint I share in class.

Are you ready to be bold and learn how to pitch?

Then let’s get started!

Don’t let fear or lack of information hold you back from securing high paying partnerships. I will be your cheerleader until you can cheer for yourself and I will give you all of the information you need to begin pitching right now.

 In class you will learn:

(1) What you have to offer.

(2) What brands want from influencer partnerships.

(3) How to price your services.

(4)How to ask for the money!

My course on pitching will teach you everything you need to know to pitch BOLDLY. At the end of the four modules you will know your brands worth and have the courage to ask for the partnership and compensation.

Course Modules

MODULE 1: How to identify your value and leverage it.

MODULE 2: What brands look for in your pitch letter. 

MODULE 3: How much should you charge.

MODULE 4: How to get over your fear of pitching.

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