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DIY Sparkly Container | for your vanity, desk, bathroom and more!!

I just love theses babies. They were under $2 each to make and I still have plenty of supplies left to make more. 

Yours will be even cheaper to make if you get your glass vases and votive from the Dollar Store. I paid just under $4 each for mine because I didn’t feel like making another stop.
Bling on a roll is my new best craft supply. I feel like I have to hold myself back from adding it to everything in my houseLOL.

When I finished this project and started placing things in the bowls I could here Iggy Azeleas song, “Fancy”, chorus playing in my head.

This tutorial is so self explanatory that a toddler could probably do it if hot glue weren’t involved. Just glue and position peopleglue and position.

 Don’t be surprised if you see the Bling on a roll show up in another project real soon.

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