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DIY Make Up Vanity Art

Would you like to see how you can dress up your vanity for under $2?

It’s really simple to do and once I show you, you’ll be like, “Duh! Why didn’t I think of that?” 
This DIY vanity artwork can be created with any department store bag that’s sturdy. 
Today I’m using a Victoria’s Secret bag, however the Sephora bags would work as well.

All of the items I’m using are recycled. As you can see the frame had another picture in it and the bag was from one of my shopping trips.

I began by removing the current picture to use as a template for my make up vanity art.

Next, I began disassembling the Victoria’s Secret bag. They usually have ribbon handles so just untie them.

Using the photo that had been already in the frame as a template, I placed it on top of the bag and traced it.

Once my template was all traced I cut it out.

Because the bag it’s self is not sturdy, I kept the original cardboard frame backing for support.

I absolutely love the finished project.

This project cost under $2 and can be created in under 10 minutes.

How cute would this look in your office, makeup room or on your vanity?
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