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DIY Give Extra Special Card and Gift Bag Tutorial

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Frugalistas, you’re going to thank me for this tutorial on how to give extra even on an extra lean budget.
The cost to put this gift bag together was no more than the cost of a pack of Extra Gum. Using some colorful card stock I already owned and some items I got free from couponing, I was able to make several of these bags for some special people in my life.

These people are non family members who have touched my life in a special way this year. From my sweet store cashier to my mail carrier. Little things they do have left an imprint on my life and this holiday I want to celebrate them.

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My mail carrier always takes extra care with my packages and I greatly appreciate it. I get a lot of deliveries and on days when I’m not home, and the weather is bad, I always find them wrapped in plastic and left under my doormat.

My favorite cashiers are just as special. They are the ones who are excited about seeing me save money with coupons. They always wave me over to their register when I’m ready to check out.
The ladies at my gym are just as special. There is one in particular who left a lasting impact on me this year.
When my Mother in Law was diagnosed with breast cancer, I was unprepared.
I had no idea what to expect and was going to search the internet only to probably end up scared out of my mind after my research. But this sweet woman, who had only mentioned to me a short while earlier in the year about her battle with breast cancer, walked me through what my Mother in Law could expect.
To let these people know how special they are, I’m making them gift bags and a card.
To make the card I cut out a rectangle slightly larger than a pack of Extra Gum.
Using some Bling on a Roll, I embellished the perimeter of the rectangle since it wasn’t cut precisely.
Next, I hot glued a pack of Extra Gum inside the card and hand wrote a special message.
Each bag was filled with free goodies I got from couponing.
DIY Give Extra Special Gif Bag Contents:
  • warm fuzzy socks
  • Extra Gum 
  • hand Cream
  • scented Candle
  • hair elastics
  • shower gel
  • shower pouf

Even if you don’t have items on hand to fill your bag, be creative. This bag can be filled with just about anything. One year I crochet dishcloths for my friends and family. Use your creativity and don’t let your budget discourage you from recognizing the people you care about.

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10 thoughts on “DIY Give Extra Special Card and Gift Bag Tutorial

  1. So cute! I love how you added the brand name to help make the card super special.

  2. Umm….I love this so much I'm speechless! lol. It really came out great! I have to do some of these for Teacher Appreciation! Thanks.

    1. These make great teacher appreciation gifts. We also gave one to my sons bus driver. I appreciate her getting him to and from school safely the past 5 years.

  3. What a great post! It's so important to thank the people in our lives who go that 'extra' mile. Thanks for sharing this idea! #client

  4. This is awesome!!!! I was just thinking how I need to give something to the mail lady 🙂

    1. Our mail carriers are often overlooked, but they (in my opinion) do a job that's very important to me. It makes them feel special to find this little bag hanging on the mail box for them.

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