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DIY Dad’s Gamer Recharge Box + DIY Gamer Tee

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One of the best gifts Germaine and I can give each other as a couple and as parents is the gift of time. One aspect that has strengthened our marriage and friendship throughout the years has been personal time. We give each other personal time to do things we each enjoy as individuals.

Germaine and I do a lot of things together in addition to being husband and wife. We parent, work, exercise, travel, serve our community and dream together so sometimes a little time apart is good for us.

I love being creative through writing, art and reading while Germaine enjoys sports and gaming. We realize we must be intentional about allowing one another individual time to pursue hobbies.

Germaine and I have been really good at making sure the other gets that personal time they need. For example, when our kids were young I would encourage Germaine to take time to enjoy his video games. Was it an extra burden for me to take on all four kids for an hour or so while he played? Sure it was, but he did the same for me. We needed that when our kids were little and I’m glad we gave that to each other.

One of Germaine’s favorite games after we married was Call of Duty®: Modern Warfare®. Playing the action-packed multiplayer game on his own or with me was a fun way to relax.

To encourage him I decided to create a fun gamer style box. The thought process behind it is to encourage a game night with him or to encourage him to use it the next time he plans some game time. The codes plus protein packed Slim Jim snacks are great to enjoy while gaming and make a great addition to this gamer box. Keep reading to see how to get and redeem the codeDIY Dad’s Gaming Recharge BoxTo get the code Germaine and I picked up the participating Slim Jim packages at Walmart and after checking out the code printed on the bottom of our receipt. You can buy these items at ANY Walmart whether there is a display in-store or not.

DIY Dad’s Gaming Recharge Box

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DIY Dad’s Gaming Recharge Box

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 Restrictions apply, see store or website for details.”

DIY Dad’s Gamer Recharge Box

DIY Dad’s Gaming Recharge BoxThis subscription style box encourages dad’s to enjoy game time during the week and recharge. It includes a few go-to items for dad to get the most of his game time while he can. Inside is a custom beverage bottle, Slim Jim Snack sticks, candy and a personalized gamer tee-shirt.

If you have a gamer in your life this gamer box is a great way to encourage their enjoyment of gaming. Just grab a box and fill it with everything they need to enjoy an hour or two of game time. Here’s what I put in Germaine’s.


  • a fun gamer tee-shirt
  • beverage bottle
  • snacks
  • gift box
  • shredded paper


DIY Dad’s Gaming Recharge Box

I made my husbands’ tee and beverage bottle label using vinyl. I wanted him to have a shirt that let him feel like he could enjoy a few hours on the game to himself.

DIY Dad’s Gaming Recharge Box

DIY Dad’s Gaming Recharge BoxI also made a vinyl label for the gamer box.

DIY Dad’s Gaming Recharge Box

Once the labels were done, I filled the bottom of the box with shredded paper and layered in each item.

DIY Dad’s Gaming Recharge Box

DIY Dad’s Gaming Recharge Box

DIY Dad’s Gaming Recharge Box DIY Dad’s Gaming Recharge Box DIY Dad’s Gaming Recharge Box

When Germaine saw the box and put his shirt on he started brainstorming his next gamer session. I feel confident this box was just what he needed to jumpstart some dad “me time”.

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  1. This is so cool! I’ll have to try this for my son and husband.

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