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DIY Cleaning Bottle Labels

I’m at a peaceful point in life where my home is generally clean, neat and tidy when I look around. The peaceful part is my entire family chips in to make it a daily reality. Germaine is home more now, the kids are older and we just all work together to keep the house clean.

One of my favorite cleaning hacks is having cleaning supplies in multiple zones in our house. We have a two-story home and over 2,000 square feet to keep clean. If I had to go to one spot every time I was ready to clean I’d get annoyed really fast so I place cleaning supplies in the following locations.

  • Master bathroom
  • Guest bathroom
  • Kitchen
  • Hallway Closet

Cleaning supplies are specifically chosen for each space. One supply that’s in every space is a multi-purpose disinfectant spray. I buy my spray in bulk and choose one that work on most common surfaces.

I buy large concentrated bottles of my favorite scents and distribute it into generic spray bottles as needed. I’d been doing this for years now, but have been running into an issue with the spray bottles coming up missing from their zone.

If my kids used the hallway closet spray and didn’t put it away, they’d go to another zone and take the spray bottle from there. They’d do this until every bottle was in the wrong place and the system wasn’t working. That’s why I decided to label the bottle so I could see which bottle went where.

Using my Cricut Explore Air 2, I created a zone specific label for each bottle using black vinyl and a narrow font. It took about 30 minutes to design and apply the labels to each spray bottle.

DIY Cleaning Bottle LabelsDIY Cleaning Bottle Labels

Step 1 – Cut Vinyl

DIY Cleaning Bottle Labels

DIY Cleaning Bottle Labels

Step 2 – Wipe out side of spray bottles with alcohol and let dry. 

DIY Cleaning Bottle Labels

Step 3 – Apply labels to each spray bottle. 

DIY Cleaning Bottle Labels DIY Cleaning Bottle Labels

Step 4 – Press each letter firmly against the bottle to ensure 100% adhesion. 

DIY Cleaning Bottle Labels

You won’t believe what a difference the labels have made. Not one single bottle has ended up in the wrong zone since. Each bottle is clearly labeled and works as a reminded not to swipe a bottle from another zone. 

DIY Cleaning Bottle Labels

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