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DIY Washi Tape Birthday Party Invitations

DIY Washi Tape Birthday Party Invitations

I have another fun tutorial for you that you can make yourself or with your kids. Today, I’ll show you how to make birthday party invitations. 

To make it super easy to follow along, I’m sharing a step-by-step written tutorial and a video tutorial. If you want your kids to make these cards on their own, just hit play on the video. The video is embedded at the very end of this post.

These invitations are very unique because they don’t just celebrate someone’s special day, they transform gift-giving into goal giving. Say goodbye to that pile of redundant birthday gifts!

The DIY invitations have a note inside inviting party-goers to log into iSow and give money to the birthday boy or girl’s monetary goals. 

DIY Washi Tape Birthday Party Invitations
You can encourage the young people in your life to create a free iSow profile so they can register for goals like a college fund, a computer, or a charity and get monetary donations for things that matter on birthdays, holidays and every day. 

Let me show you how I create fun birthday invitations. 


  • Fun card stock
  • Transparent tape
  • String
  • Washi tape
  • Markers
  • Ruler
  • Scissors or craft knife
  • A greeting card
DIY Washi Tape Birthday Party Invitations


1. I used a small card as a template for my project. I began by laying it flat on top of my card stock. I traced the shape of the card onto the card stock and cut it out. Then I folded the card stock in half.
DIY Washi Tape Birthday Party Invitations

DIY Washi Tape Birthday Party Invitations

2. For the first card, I cut a few strips of washi about 8 cm long to create faux birthday candles. I cut one end straight across horizontally and the other end I cut on a diagonal. I did this with three strips of washi and stuck them to the card side by side. Using a black fine-tip marker and an orange highlighter, I created a faux wick and flame.

3. I used a fine-tip marker to write the words “happy birthday” on the card.
DIY Washi Tape Birthday Party Invitations

4. Using my label maker, I created these adhesive labels to go inside of the cards.
DIY Washi Tape Birthday Party Invitations
DIY Washi Tape Birthday Party Invitations
There are so many ways you can dress up these invitations, but before sending them out make sure you:

1. Set up a free Sow account for your child.
2. Allow them to log into Sow and decided how to save, share and spend their money.
 Savings can be defined as savings for college, an investment account, a rainy day fund, or just saving in general.
 Sharing would be any causes they care most about – Sow will suggest one for them or young person can choose their own.
 Spending is geared toward teaching young people saving for something that will be meaningful in their lives, whether it’s a bike, first car or an iPad.
3. Include your child’s unique Sow URL inside of the card using adhesive labels.
Now when you send out invitations, you can encourage guests to invest in gifts your children really want.
I absolutely love these cards and Sow. If you’re a momma, you know how it is to see your kids get gifts that will end up as wasted money. I wanted to change that for my kids so I became more proactive in educating friends and family about what my kids really wanted
I know you’re tired of getting more “stuff” year after year. Go ahead and set up a free Sow account for your kids to begin gift giving and receiving in a different way this year.

Learn more about kids and money by following iSow on Facebook and Twitter.

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  1. These invitations are great. I love the homemade touch. It think it says a lot when people put time and effort into something!

  2. These are just lovely – and always great to have a video that really breaks it down for us 🙂

  3. This is such a fun idea! My daughter loves making cards. I will check this out!

  4. I love this! My son always makes cards when he gets invited to birthday parties but these are great tips to kick it up a notch.

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