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Den Tour Before and After | Flooring Install

We are working our way through improving our home, one project at a time

One of our biggest projects to date was adding sheetrock to this room. 

This room had flooded and just about everything needed repair.

We finally got the walls up and now it’s time to move on to installing the floors. This room is our family room and main hub for movie nights so we were eager to get this project done.

This room is prone to moisture, so we used moisture proof sheetrock. After much deliberation, we decided to install vinyl flooring since it too is waterproof. 

The pieces interlocked easily and was very Do-It-Yourself’er friendly.

It took us about three weekends to finish the installation. 

We worked on it for a few hours every Saturday until it was complete. If we had a full weekend working with no interruptions, this could have been completed in one weekend.

We love the way the dark floors look with the gray walls. I was more than excited to begin decorating this room.

I began pulling odds and ends from various rooms of the house to decorate.
I love the way everything is coming together.

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17 thoughts on “Den Tour Before and After | Flooring Install

  1. These guidelines in this info graphic are really great- thanks! I really appreciates with your article. thanks for sharing useful tips with a wonderful, nice and simple photos.

  2. It looks great! We also went with vinyl flooring in our downstairs area that has a fireplace, and have been very happy with how well it's done with the traffic of 3 kids and many dogs.

  3. Very nice! The floors look great. I also love the decorations. Very impressive. Great job!

    1. Thanks Ramona. Some of my favorite pieces in that room are from Target, Marshalls & the Goodwill.

  4. Wow what a major transformation! Kudos on all your hard work! This is a major overhaul and you stuck with it!

    1. It was really fun too. I love working with my husband and seeing the project come together in the end. We just finished out bedroom and will start on the upstairs soon.

  5. Very nice! We did a kitchen remodel last year and still have some finishing up to do on it and will be replacing the flooring sometime this year too. Yours looks like real wood, not vinyl! Good choice! I'll have to look into that.

    1. We looked for a while until we found something that did loo close to real wood. My husband was against vinyl and it took me awhile to convince him due to the moisture situation in this room.I showed him lot's of reviews, bloggers who'd used it and we went to the store many times to look at it. Have you finished your kitchen Bree?

  6. love your den the floor and your colors keep it going I'm trying to fine a accend color for my living room my furniture is brown with gray,white and tan colors in my pillows my tables are also brown I have some crystal glass pieces also. if you can help me with an accend color I love it

    1. Sound like you have a neutral palette like mine and can really bring in any color you'd like. Some colors that go nicely with brown & gray are orange, green, blues or purples for your brighter tones. You could bring the colors in in the form of throw pillows, in a rug or your curtains. I'd also Google you color pallet and see what comes up. You should get a lot of visual suggestion on Google which will give you an idea of what the combination look like together.

  7. Beautiful! And I LOVE the interlocking flooring. Really does make it easy (but would you believe hubs and I managed to mess it up in one remodel, lol). I'm loving the snail shell piece in front of the fireplace, where did you get that?

    1. Adelina, we got it from the Goodwill for $7. Its a huge serving dish, but it repurposed it as decor.

  8. You guys did a great job! Floor looks really good. Great choice.

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