Do it Yourself

Den Shelf Styling Tour

I had some time this weekend to do some decorating while my husband watched football. 

The first thing I did was bring out my fall decor magazines. 

Looking through seasonal decor magazines, gives me a lot of inspiration.

Inspiration was something I needed since I’d just thrifted a shelf and needed to style it.

I began by putting the warmer weather themed decor magazines closer to the bottom shelf and the cooler weather decor themed magazines closer to the top shelf.

The next thing I did is look around the house to see what I could place on my new shelf.

Starting from the top here’s a tour of what I used to decorate.

The three glass bottles are from my 4 piece bottles & Calais Set. The basket they came in are being used in another room for a different purpose. I love the way the bottles look both in and out of the carrier, but they look simple and clean here. I plan to add water and fresh flowers during the fall.

The two books with their jackets removed are Your Wife is Not Your Momma by Wellington Boone and Girl Get Your Money Straight by Glinda Bridgforth. The shell is from Myrtle beach and is gold as a result of a DIY project.

On the second shelf is a turquoise vase from the Goodwill filled with artificial flowers from the dollar store.

The glass cake pan top was also from the dollar store and the gold shell is from the same DIY project as the shell on the top shelf.

The stack of magazines are old issues of Better Homes and Gardens, and the dove is a tea candle holder from Target.

On the third shelf is a sunburst mirror. I’m a big fan of sunburst mirrors and have three in various sizes and shapes.

On the last two shelves are my Nate Berkus for Target stackable gold boxes, my second glass cake lid, more magazines and another DIY seashell. 

One either side of the shelf sits my Nate Berkus woven baskets I got on my last shopping trip to Target.

I have a few more plans for this space before I consider it complete, but I absolutely love how it’s turned out so far.

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