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Five Delicious Work Week Meal Ideas

My Work At Home Meal Plan has been compensated. All opinions are mine alone.  

I work from home and have the luxury of eating some really delicious meals for lunch. 

I try to prep my meals at the end of each week by writing the down or just brainstorming my meal plan. 

This is going to be a busy month between work and getting ready for our family vacation so I’m relying on a mix of fresh and frozen foods to round out my menu plan. 

For this weeks menu I’ll incorporate three of the NEW LEAN CUISINE® Marketplace meals and two meals made with fresh produce from my garden and fridge.

I don’t typically eat frozen unless like, LEAN CUISINE® Marketplace meals it has ingredient options I can easily pronounce and identify. Knowing what I’m eating makes it easy for me to include LEAN CUISINE® in my meal plan. 


This is typically my busiest day of the week so a freezer meal is most convenient. Today I’m having LEAN CUISINE® Marketplace Sweet & Spicy Korean-Style Beef and an apple. 

This cooked prime rib beef steak, brown rice and vegetables has 15 grams of protein, is gluten free and ready to eat in under 5 minutes.  


This is my first gym day of the week so I like to eat light after my workout. I plan an easy garden salad using spinach, avocado, boiled egg and strawberries drizzled with extra virgin olive oil.

My favorite way to enjoy salad is by mixing fresh fruit and vegetables with light proteins.


Today is freezer meal day and I’m having the Marketplace Comfort Chicken in Sweet BBQ Sauce and potatoes. 

It’s white meat chicken in a sweet barbeque sauce with cheesy potatoes. I eat it with a side of fresh Fuji apple slices.


During the week I like to incorporate meatless meals and the Marketplace Vermont White Cheddar Mac & Cheese is perfect to satisfy my mid-week meatless craving. This is organic Cavatappi or “ridged” pasta smothered in a rich, Vermont white cheddar cheese sauce. 

I love it as is, with a side or fresh spinach and an apple.

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      Today it’s leftover day so I make nachos using canned black bean and leftover ground meat. I paired it with avocado and tomatoes which I can eat everyday without getting sick of it.

      This is a typical week of meals for me. Before the start of the week I pick up my frozen meals at Walmart and any fruit or vegetables I don’t grow in my garden, come from a local farm. 

      There are more delicious LEAN CUISINE® meals at Walmart these are just the ones I used this week. 

      I’d love to hear your favorite dish from my meal plan!

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      23 thoughts on “Five Delicious Work Week Meal Ideas

      1. I love the new look and meal options from Lean Cuisine. I think they are now actually staying true to the Brand by promoting these choices

      2. I am loving the new options from Lean Cuisine! I take one to work almost every day!

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      7. Lean Cuisine! One of my favorites to take to work. I want to try these dinners.

      8. We love Lean Cuisine meals in our household and they have helped me maintain my weight. I never saw that white mac and cheese before – yum and must get.

      9. they look way better than the ones i'm used to seeing… wish you had listed the ingredients though! I'm curious now.

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