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Creating a Back to School Goals Time Capsule plus Printable Student Goal Planner

I’m so excited about my kids being back in school, but not because of what you think. I’m not one of those moms who can’t wait to get rid of her kids after a long summer.


No, I enjoy them and cherish those final summer days with them before the start of school.


I use the few days before the start of school and the first week to prepare them for a new school year. My husband and I talk to each of our children individually about their goals and dreams.


After talking with my youngest daughter, Niyah, I decided to work on a special project with her. She is my creative child who helps a lot behind the scenes with styling, photography and projects. I knew combining her love for crafts with her school goals would motivate her and give us something to do together.



Instead of just talking about her goals this year, we’re writing them out on this printable Student Goal Planner and storing them in back to school goals time capsules.


I printed the student goal planner sheet so Niyah and I could work on it over lunch. Our goal planner is divided into four sections and gives her space for write goals for each quarter of the school year.


Once she wrote her first quarter goal, she cut all four of the planner sections out, rolled them up, tied them with cord and placed them in outback to school time capsules. The blank ones will remain in their bottles until we’re ready to set more goals later in the school year.





To create our time capsules we used the “Celebration” themed Coca-Cola 8 oz. mini glass bottles that have fun messages on them like, hero, superstar, and grad.These were available over the summer so if you can’t find them in your area you can always go to to order customized bottles.





This was my first time ever using Modge Podge so my son had to reassure me it would dry clear and keep my glitter on the bottles. After I was thoroughly convinced, I applied a narrow strip of Modge Podge to the bottom of a bottle and coated the adhesive with silver glitter. I set the bottle in front of a fan to dry and repeated the steps there more times.


We decided to make four bottles so Niyah could set new goals after each report card period.


After the first glue application dried, we applied Modge Podge to the upper area of the Coke bottle and stopped at the top of the label. We also left the message portion of the Coke bottle exposed. I specifically bought them for the messaging as a reminder to my daughter of how awesome she is.


Once the adhesive was applied, we sprinkled on a generous layer of red glitter. We repeated the steps for the remaining three bottles and placed them in front of the fan to dry.


On the back of her printable student goal planner, I wrote a reward for Niyah which she’ll get when she successfully completes her goal.


We’ll open her time capsule at the end of the first nine week quarter and if she’s met her goal, she’ll receive her reward.
We are both excited about her school year and all that she’ll accomplish this year.

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37 thoughts on “Creating a Back to School Goals Time Capsule plus Printable Student Goal Planner

  1. Omg so sparkly!!!! I love this. Definitely have to do this with my duaghter 🙂

  2. Wow, you are so creative, what a fun idea! I love how sparkly the bottles are 🙂

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  6. I love how the bottles turned out. This is going to be too fun to make.

  7. This is a great idea! We have quite a few of those Coca-Cola bottles laying around, so I may just try it. The red and silver glitter looks awesome!

  8. WOW – hw awesome does that look? I love the details and it sure creates a pretty cool project. Now I totally want to do a time capsule with my daughter

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  10. Love this idea! It's always great capturing special moments! I will definitely try it with my son!

  11. I am loving this idea! What a great way to capture the moments. While I'm not a fan of Coke I can surely do this with Sprite. 🙂

  12. What a super cute idea! I love that they will get to go back and look at their first goal and if they met it they get a prize. 9 weeks is just long enough to forget what you wrote down in the first place!

  13. Everything about this post is just beautiful and stunning. The vintage shape of the coke bottles decorated in beautiful glitter. The fact that you turned something so iconic into a time capsule for motivation. The fact that there is a reward if she achieves her goals. SUPER JOB!

  14. These turned out so cute! And I love the idea of writing the goals down.

  15. I can't get over how cute this is. What a great idea! Anything with glitter is fun for me!

  16. This is SUCH a cute idea! I love what you've done with the glitter. I did a letter to my "senior self" in junior high but we wound up never getting them back from the school. I really love this idea, thanks for sharing!

    1. Oh no!! It would have been nice to get them back. I read my old journals and am so inspired by how far I've grown and matured.

  17. That is one of the coolest ideas I have ever seen. I love the idea of decorating the bottles in glitter!

    1. I wasn't sure how it would turn out , but I love it!! The hardest part was choosing glitter colors that would play nice together.

  18. What a wonderful idea! My son loves goal setting. It really helps him academically.

  19. Your Coca Cola bottles are so fancy! I like the way you brought the regular bottle to life with glitter. This is an amazing time capsule idea

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    1. Now you gotta' use that modge podge. If I was able to use it, anyone can. It seems just like glue, but I think the difference is it dries clear if you need to apply it over paper or even over the glitter to seal it.

  21. This is such a cool idea. I love the way the glittered bottles turned out too.

    1. I wasn't sure if I could get the glitter to adhere to the Coke bottles, but the Modge Podge worked perfectly.

  22. What a lovely idea, these look gorgeous. And it's such a good incentive to have realistic goal/reward structured targets in place, at school and even at work!

  23. A goal planner is a great idea. My oldest just went into middle school and I would love to sit down and talk about his goals.

    1. I think kids enjoy when we encourage them to talk about what's important to them. And having a Coke & pizza while doing it helped set the tone.

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