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Couples Fitness and Post Workout Snack

This post was sponsored by GOOD THiNS as part of an Influencer Activation for Influence Central and all opinions expressed in my post are my own.

Can I just start by saying that this week was amazing? I worked out six days in a row and even worked out a few times with Germaine. A lot of people think we’re a “workout couple” because they see we’re both fit and see us at the gym together. For us, the term “workout couple” is a stretch. We both work out to stay in shape and be in the best physical state possible, but we don’t actually work out together.

He has his routine and I have mine.

He likes working out with people and I don’t.

I intermittently fast before working out and he eats a full meal with protein, grains and fruit before exercising. I start my day with just a cup of coffee and water to get through my workout whereas he says he couldn’t workout like that.

The one thing we do come together on is eating a well-rounded lunch after exercising.

Couples Fitness and Post Workout Snack

After a great workout this Saturday we went to Walmart to get some deli meat, bread and a few boxes of GOOD THiNS gluten-free crackers for lunch and snacks. Germaine actually wanted his favorite nacho chips, but I talked him into swapping them and trying GOOD THiNS Three Cheese. He loves cheese flavored snacks, but I don’t like him snacking on chips throughout the week. When he takes his lunch to work during the week GOOD THiNS will make a good on-the-go snack option for him.

Couples Fitness and Post Workout Snack

We’re both trying on shrink our waistlines so we have to make smart choices about what we eat. GOOD THiNS are a great swap for potato chips and have a lot of flavorful, gluten-free options to choose from. Germaine had apprehensions about swapping because he didn’t want a snack that didn’t taste good. But as soon as he tried the Three Cheese flavor he liked them.

Couples Fitness and Post Workout Snack

With them we made turkey and cheese sandwiches paired with fresh fruit, vegetables and nuts. We also had the GOOD THiNS Veggie Blend crackers.

We finished off the afternoon with a movie and nap before heading to church later that evening. We still have plenty of GOOD THiNS crackers, deli meat and cheese leftover for the week.

Our goal next week is to duplicate the amazingness of this week. Working out six days and eating well is the goal. We’ll be sharing more couples fitness routines and our eating habits on the blog this month so make sure you tap the subscribe button at the bottom of this post.

Couples Fitness and Post Workout Snack

You should also tap the following link so you can add GOOD THiNS to your next Walmart Online Grocery Pick Up order. If you like cheese flavored chips start with GOOD THiNS Three Cheese or just choose a flavor from below.

  • Three Cheese
  • Veggie Blend
  • The Corn One – Sea Salt
  • The Rice One – Simply Salt

For those of you who’ve had GOOD THiNS already, share your favorite flavor in the comments.Couples Fitness and Post Workout Snack

Couples Fitness and Post Workout Snack

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