Cool Cocktails & Fresh Food Ideas Babbleboxx

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It’s been a long week so I was excited to open my front door and find the Cool Cocktails & Fresh Ideas themed BabbleBoxx on my front step. For those of you who don’t know, BabbleBoxx is an exclusive invite-only, co-sampling box,  sent out to influencers that includes themed full size product samples from multiple brands. This months box is super special because it’s filled with products perfect for some “me time”.

Cool Cocktails & Fresh Food Ideas Babbleboxx

The premier brands that collaborated on this box are Cavit Rosé and My/Mo Mochi. I was so excited when I found out these were in this box because I’ve been dying to try Mochi ice-cream.

My/Mo MochiCool Cocktails & Fresh Food Ideas Babbleboxx

Mochi has been all the rave in the food world and being that I’m a pretend foodie, I had to taste it for myself. Mochi is Japanese inspired chewy and sweet rice dough with delicious ice-cream wrapped inside. The best part is the ice-cream inside is premium quality, not the cheap stuff.

The strawberry Mochi ice-cream was so sweet, soft and creamy that you will want to eat more than one. My/Mo Mochi comes in eight flavors and you should definitely treat yourself to one of them.

To find a store in your area that sells My/Mo Mochi, use the product locator here If you’re a coupon, here is a coupon for $1 off and a cash back offer from ibotta here.

Cavit RoséCool Cocktails & Fresh Food Ideas Babbleboxx

Cavit Rosé is a limited edition summer wine made with raspberry, strawberry, cherry and watermelon with a blend of red grapes. It’s perfect paired with fish, but it’s also a light wine that can be enjoyed while cooking dinner. Since mine came just before the weekend I decided to make a Blackerry & Rosé Slushy in the blender using two of the ingredients from the box.

If you plan on trying this recipe, click this link to find out more about Cavit Rosé and to find a local retailer.

Cool Cocktails & Fresh Food Ideas Babbleboxx
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