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Cleaning Your Kitchen Cabinet Tops

So I’m working my way through my Spring cleaning list and I’m now ready to tackle cleaning the kitchen cabinet tops.
From eye level, everything looks copecetic. Yep…copecetic is a real word. Look it up in the urban dictionary.
Who would have thought that upon further inspection you’d find…

I know. I know. A HOT MESS…RIGHT!

Well before you judge me let me say that I do clean my cabinet tops every 1 to 2 years and normally keep them lined with news paper in the interim.

Do you see that rectangle clean space so crisply outlined in the picture below? 

Yep that was where news paper was but it was shifted around whenever we put things on the cabinet tops for lack of better storage space.


1 – So to get started with the cleaning process I removed everything from the tops of my cabinets. I had about 25 boxes of Ritz crackers up there, a few pieces from a china set given to me by my mother in law and two cake pans.

2 – Next, I sprinkled each cabinet top with Ajax. Then I sprayed over that with Lysol multi-purpose cleaning spray and let that sit for about 5 minutes.

3. After the 5 minutes were up I got a bucket of hot water and started wiping and scrubbing. Most of the grime wiped right off with the first passing of the cloth.

4. Once everything was clean, I let the cabinet tops air dry for about 10 minutes.

5. Once they were dry I began taking sheets of newspaper and lining the tops of the cabinets. If width of your cabinet tops are narrower that the newspaper you’ll have to trim it to fit or fold the edges. I just folded them. They will not show when looking up.

See, I told you. No newspaper edges peeking out over the ledge at all.

6. Continue lining all of your cabinet tops until your done.

Then stand back and enjoy your accomplishment.

I try to replace the newspaper throughout the year but often forget unless I go to store something up there and see it’s dusty.

If you forget and don’t disturb the newspaper until next Spring, you’ll only have to remove and replace the news paper next Spring. 

Spring Cleaning List

2. Wipe all windows and window sills. (Done)
3. Wash all curtains. 
4. Degrease stove hood. (Done)
5. Wipe all kitchen cabinets and reorganize dishes.
6. Wash china. (Done)
7. Wipe all cabinet fronts.
8. Deep clean and reorganize the fridge. (Done/post coming soon)
9. Wash all shower curtains and replace shower liners.
11. Dust all picture frames and knock knacks. (Done)
12. Wash all rugs.
13. Wash patio furniture.
14. Sweep deck and patio.
15. Plant flowers in front beds. 
16. Deep clean bathroom top to bottom. (Done/post coming soon)

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