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Cleaning Your Ceiling Fan

I’m seriously trying to get as many Spring cleaning tasks done before it gets hot.

Once it get hot around here I want to spend my time having fun with my husband and kids, having friends over and enjoying the Summer.

So to prepare I’ve been tackling a different task from my Spring cleaning list each day until it’s complete.

Today task is getting the ceiling fans cleaned. Upon first look at my living room you can’t even tell the ceiling fan needs cleaning.

As a family, we generally tidy and clean daily, but not things such as the ceiling fan. Cleaning the ceiling fan is usually done twice a year, once before it gets warm and agin once it cools off in the Fall.

If you look a bit closer you’ll see that it’s pretty grimy and I don’t want that flying around once we begin using the fan in a couple of weeks.

I started out with the idea of using some Lysol wipes not knowing how dusty it was on top of the fan blades. 

I used the Lysol Dual Action wipes since they have a side good for scrubbing and one for wiping.

After one pass of the wipe over the top side of the blade I knew I needed more supplies so I went and grabbed a Swiffer Duster from my supply shelf.

I used Swiffer products in the past but I prefer a wet cloth for catching dust. In this case, there was just so much dust on top of the fan blade.  Plus I need the extra reach the wand would give me since I could not see the tops of the blades.

It took a few seconds to get the duster assembled and I was back to cleaning.

I went over the tops and bottoms of the blades with the Swiffer Duster until it was just to yucky to use anymore.

Then I used a second swifter to dust around the lightbulb cover and area that houses the fan motor.

I gave everything a good scabbing and wiping with the Lysol wipes making sure to wipe the light and fan pulls as well. After that I inspected for overlooked dust or grime.

 Because I could not see the tops of the fan blades I used my hand to feel it it felt clean and also my camera to take a photo of the top of the blade.

Once I saw there were traces of grime, I went back over it with a Lysol wipe until I was satisfied.

Once all of the blades were clean I allowed them to air dry while I gathered up the trash.

Aside from having to stop and gather more supplies, this Spring cleaning task took all of about 15 minutes from start to finish. 

I’m just about finished with my living room Spring cleaning task and will continue working my way down the list room by room until I’m done.

Spring Cleaning List

2. Wipe all windows and window sills. (Done)

3. Wash all curtains. 

4. Degrease stove hood. (Done)

5. Wipe all kitchen cabinets and reorganize dishes.

6. Wash china. (Done)

7. Wipe all cabinet fronts.

8. Deep clean and reorganize the fridge. (Done/post coming soon)

9. Wash all shower curtains and replace shower liners.

11. Dust all picture frames and knock knacks. (Done)

12. Wash all rugs.

13. Wash patio furniture.

14. Sweep deck and patio.

15. Plant flowers in front beds. 

16. Deep clean bathroom top to bottom. (Done/post coming soon)

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