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Christmas Tree Tour

It’s just a few days until Christmas and I wanted to share an unofficial Christmas Tree tour with you. 
Our little family room space started out looking something like this before Thanksgiving with a color scheme that’s pretty neutral. 
We’ve simply added in some golds and turquoise as an accent color. Turquoise seems to really pop in this room on a sunny day, so I carried it into the color scheme of my Christmas tree.
Frugal Tip: I buy all of my wrapping paper and Christmas decor for the next year the first few days after Christmas. I always get high quality wrapping paper and nice decorations for less than $2. 
Everything on my tree and the wrapping paper you’ll see below it was purchased on after Christmas clearance. 
The silver Gazelle’s were purchased on clearance as well, just a little earlier in the year.

They were on clearance for $9 but after waiting a couple of days, I got them for only  $4 a piece.

To bring a little more of that pretty turquoise into the decor, I made some tassels to hang on my white vases in front of the fireplace. Below is my tree at night.

We ended up having to move the vases by the fireplace to make room for the gifts. This little corner is small and this year we two bikes for the kids. Neither Germaine nor I felt like assembling them so we bought them already assembled and tied bows on them. We also had to move our silver Gazelle’s to the shelf under the television. 

We will probably leave the tree up until New Years Eve and that’s it. We still need to finish up this project by nailing down trim and painting it, so the tree definitely won’t be out after the new year. We have a few more things to do to the floors before we’re done and I want to get it all finished by the end of January.  

Would you like to see what this space looked like in September? Click the picture below to check out our before and after remodel process. 

How many Christmas Tree’s did you decorate this year and when do you take your tree down?

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