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Choosing a Waist Trainer You’ll Absolutely Love

I bought this waist trainer in size small and I absolutely love it! I’ve had it going on four months now and after 4 weeks I was already on the third row of hooks. The third row is the snuggest fitting for the style and size I bought which I will talk more about in a minute.Choosing a Waist Trainer You'll Absolutely Love

So let me break down the details of choosing waist trainer in an effort to help reduce some of your search time and answer some of your questions.

Why I Bought a Waist Trainer?Choosing a Waist Trainer You'll Absolutely Love

I workout four to five days a week and have done so for years. I’m pretty fit, but my mid section has become a tough area to train in the last few years. My core is not as string as I want it to be and I wanted to do something in addition to exercise to strengthen my core muscles.

I sit is a chair a lot for work and have been experiencing back problems due to bad posture. In this year, I’ve actually pulled a muscle in my back several times doing simple things and I know it’s due to bad posture and back strain.

To help with strengthening my core outside of the gym, I felt like a was it trainer was a great solution. So far I was right!

Which Waist Trainer to Choose? Corset Vs. Velcro

In doing my research I learned there are two types of waist trainers. One fastens with Velcro and the other with hooks.

The corset style waist trainer I have has “steel bones” in it to help train the waist or core into the desired position. I have what’s called a corset waist trainer that is very much like those old school ones ladies wore back in the day.

Mine has about twelve hooks per row with a total of three vertical rows. Mine also has vertical steel rods in it. The rods are stiff, but flexible enough to wear the waist trainer comfortable for hours.

To my knowledge the velcro waist trainer is more forgiving in its contouring which is not what I was looking for.

From what I read in the reviews, the velcro was it trainer is better for exercising in and the corset with the rods is not.

How to choose my waist trainer size?Choosing a Waist Trainer You'll Absolutely Love

With the brand I bought, it was recommended that I buy my true size. So I wear a size small blouse so I bought a size small waist. When I got it and tried to put it on y’all Germaine and I struggled big time. I should have done a video it was so freakin hard.

I feel like I pulled a muscle in my back trying the first time! It was ugly.

Once I wore it two days in a row, I tried to put it on myself and was able.

After wearing the small for a few weeks I was able to move to the tightest fit with ease for so I ordered the next size down which was an x-small for me. So far I am on the second row of hooks and have not had any issues.

Do I feel like my waist is being trained?

I love it! In fact, my core is much stronger after three weeks of use and consistent core workouts. After three weeks of wearing for a few hours a day, my back muscles are stronger and my abdominal muscles are tighter.

This corset waist trainer was just what I needed to get me over the hump. I had been struggling with my core and I have broken through the barrier.

I’m up to 350 crunches three plus days a week and I’m squatting 135 lbs. with out any residual back issues. I’m back to deadlifting 95 lbs. and getting stronger every week.

The other thing I’m noticing is I am standing up straighter when I’m wearing the waist trainer and when I am not. In essence, the waist trainer is teaching my core and back better positioning.

Keep in mind, I am no medical professional, just someone sharing my personal experience.

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