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Cheap Wireless Plans that Keep Working Dads Connected to their Kids

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Keeping my husband in touch with our children while he’s working is huge for our family.

In the early years of my marriage, my husband was working upwards of sixty hours a week.
We had three small children at the time, technology wasn’t what it is today so he missed out on a lot of special moments.

Nowadays, phones are equipped with Unlimited Talk, Text and Data/Web plans, allowing working parents to be more involved even when away from home.
To help my husband stay connected to the kids, I bought them a Nokia Lumia from Walmart

For this phone, I wanted a service that would simply let them message and call their father so I chose the cheapest wireless plan offered by Walmart Family Mobile.

Cheap Wireless Plans
We could have just as easily added another line to our main carrier, but with the Walmart Family Mobile plan we don’t have to commit to a contract.
Cheap Wireless Plans
To set up this line we bought a compatible phone and a $25 Family Mobile starter pack. The phone was working within 30 minutes for less than $130 and no contract.
We programmed the Nokia Lumia’s number into my husbands iPhone contacts as “kids” and into the kids’ phone as “dad” making it easy for them to see when he’s calling or texting them.  
On days when he’s working past their bedtime, they text “I love you” or a sweet “good night” message to him.

Cheap Wireless Plans

They also text him just to talk and we encourage them to take pictures with their phone. 

My husband enjoys looking through their phone photo albums to see what they’ve been doing through their camera lens. 

Cheap Wireless Plans

My kids are not as concerned about the cost of the plan or the type of phone. They’re just happy to have a phone with so many nifty features.
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    1. The price and plan seem like the perfect way to keep kids connected without breaking the bank. Sounds like this is perfect for your family. #client

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