How to Set Fitness Goals You’ll Actually Reach

1. Be Realistic. Don’t try and obtain the same results in 30 days of someone who has been working out for years. When setting your expectations, be sure to aspire to not just someone who is where you want to be, but also someone who is at your next level.  If you’re trying to loose your baby bump, don’t saturate your mind with images of 25 year old and younger, childless women who workout. Instead, seek out groups and social media accounts of women who have had children and figured out the best exercises for moms.  If you want people to follow, I’m a fit mom of four who’s figured out how to find time to exercise while racing a family and look amazing while [Click here to continue reading]

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4 Ways to Make Morning Workouts Simpler

Today I’m sharing 4 Ways to Make Morning Workouts Simpler. The post and my shopping trip is sponsored. All opinions are mine alone. #ListerineBOLD   Do you want to be the fittest YOU this summer? If so, I’m going to help you. We’re going to start by putting together a game plan to make sure you get to the gym a few days a week. Exercising is one of the best ways to feel good from the inside out. If you’ve been considering working out, you should do it. I don’t know of too many things that will make you feel energized from the inside out other than exercising. One of my biggest struggles with exercising consistently was the time it took to get ready and [Click here to continue reading]