How to Track Income for Bloggers & Creative Entrepreneurs

How to Track Income for Bloggers & Creative Entrepreneurs

If you are a blogger or creative entrepreneurs you should put a system in place for tracking income from day one. From the moment I made my first dollar as a solopreneur, I grabbed a notebook and wrote down the most important aspects of my revenue sources. My first source of income was from referrals. I’d refer my readers to resources I used and loved. In return, I’d make between $0.80 and $8.00 for smaller referrals and as much as $250 for larger ones. Every time I earned revenue, I’d write it down in a notebook. When it paid out, I’d write that down too. At that time my expenses were small, but I also kept track of them. I mean, how else would I [Click here to continue reading]

How to Create an Ebook in Canva

Everybody wants to create ebooks these days and I can see why. Ebooks are They allow us to create, distribute and even receive information digitally which is a win since we live in a digital age. The ability to create ebooks, also allows us to create books with little to no cost. That’s revolutionary for those of us who have amazing content to share, but don’t have access to a publishing house. I’ve made thousands of dollars from the sale of ebooks I’ve created and didn’t pay a penny to create them. All it took was access to a publication tool, expertise on a topic, time to write and market my creation. When I tell you it’s easy to create an ebook using Canva I mean it. [Click here to continue reading]

How to Track Blog Income Using Spreadsheets

When I started blogging in 2008, you couldn’t have convinced me it would be a tool for replacing my income. Fast forward eight years, and I’m showing other bloggers how to make money blogging and run their digital businesses from anywhere in the world.  One of the most important things any blogger should do when starting out is, decide whether they will blog as a business or hobby. If you choose the latter, then you should begin tracking every penny you earn from day one. Today I’m going to show you how to do that using a spreadsheet. You’ll probably want to watch the video first and then open up a fresh spreadsheet and complete the task the second time you watch it. If after watching this [Click here to continue reading]