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Captain America: The Winter Soldier Ice Cream Sundae Recipe

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My boys 14 and 10 are still into superheroes. Their biggest real life super hero is their father. He’s always been firm on building traditions and one of them is family movie nights. Even when I thought the kids were getting too old for movies nights and that we should let them do self directed activities instead of movie night, he was adamant about keeping it going. 

That means, sometimes the boys end up watching princess movies and sometimes my daughter ends up watching super hero movies. What has happened as a result is, no matter their age or gender, they’ve come to love what the others love. I sat and listened as my fourteen year old son sang all of the lyrics to Frozen along with his younger siblings. And I often overhear my 12 year old daughter reenacting scenes from the latest superhero movie.

The latest movie on our movie night agenda is Marvel’s Captain America: The Winter Soldier.

My role in movie night is preparing great movie night desserts. Since we were watching Captain America:The Winter Soldier, I decided a cold themed dessert incorporating M&M® and the Captain America colors would be perfect.

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I went to Walmart to attend an in-store event for the launch of the new movie, and to gather some ideas for my dessert.

There were Marvel themed cupcakes and coloring pages being handed out. 

For my dessert, I used vanilla ice-cream and a large bag of M&M® minis. 

If you follow me on instgram, you saw a sneak peek video of this recipe last week. To make it, I used M&M® minis and asked the kids to separate the red and blue M&M® from the bag.

I gave them each two sorting cups and told them they get to eat the leftover colors. 

Once the red and blue M&M®’s were separated, I let the ice-cream thaw a bit to the consistency of soft serve. 

If your ice-cream is too hard, it won’t mold to the shape of the cup and create a layered effect.

Once the ice-cream was soft enough, I began layering in my ingredients. 

I started with a layer of red M&M®’s at the very bottom of the cup. 

Then I added a scoop of vanilla ice-cream. I made sure to smooth the ice-cream all the way to the inner edges of the cup as to keep the color separated as I layered.

Next I added a layer of blue M&M®’s and continued the process until the cup was full.

This is what yours should look like.

Afterward, I added stars to each dessert to finish off the theme.

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6 thoughts on “Captain America: The Winter Soldier Ice Cream Sundae Recipe

  1. Eating the leftovers is definitely great pay for that job. I'll bet this would be excellent with M&M pretzel flavor.

  2. So fun! Next time let me know when you sort the M&Ms so I can come over eat the leftovers 🙂

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