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Box Tops for Education Magnetic Collection Box

This Box Tops for Education Magnetic Collection Box tutorial and shopping trip has been compensated by Collective Bias, Inc. and its advertiser #Hefty4BoxTops. All opinions are mine alone.

What do you do when you have more than one child who wants to collect Box Tops for Education?

You make mini Box Tops for Education magnetic collection boxes for each child. They were very simple to make using a few supplies.

Before I jump into the tutorial, first let me tell you about Box Tops for Education if you have no idea what I’m talking about. 

Box Tops for Education is a program that lets families earn money for their local schools. Box Tops are worth $0.10 when clipped and handed in to your child’s school. 

Box Tops can be found on hundreds of products and some products like Hefty waste bags have bonus box tops. 

I like the products with bonus Box Tops or multiple Box Tops on the same product. For example, Hefty waste bag products have specially marked boxes in stores now that come with FOUR Box Tops and they are the only waste bag brand to offer Box Tops. So far, Hefty has raised more than $3 million in contributions to schools by partnering with Box Tops For Education.

The boxes with bonus Box Tops are a plus when you have multiple children because they can be divided evenly and no one feels like they are missing out on collecting Box Tops.

I’ve always encouraged my children to clip, divide and save Box Tops in their own containers. At one point we used envelopes and other times sandwich bags. With time I wanted something sturdy and cute so I made magnetic Box Top collectors.  

To make one you’ll need:
  • a small box (ex: deck of cards, bar of soap)
  • magnets
  • scissors
  • glue stick
  • wrapping paper
  • pen/pencil
  • small cup or glass
  • hot glue gun/stick
  • card stock or label (for child’s name)
I start by clipping the flaps from one opening of my box.

Next, I use my glass to trace a semi circle on the side of the box I’ve designated as the front side. 
After cutting away the semi circle, I trace and cut a rectangles from my wrapping paper that are twice the length and width of my box.

Now I cut the paper in half. Half will be used to wrap the box and the other half to create an insert for the box. This is so we don’t see just cardboard inside.

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    When wrapping the box, I make sure not to line the wrapping paper up exactly with the top edge of my box. I wrap with the paper a little higher than the open edge of box. I will end up folding the excess over the edge and down into the box later.

    If you look at the picture of my box below, you can see where I folded the top edges down into the box.
    I had to do some clipping and trimming, then I folded it down around the straight edges and curves. 
    After I folded, I grabbed my second half of wrapping paper and created a tri-folded rectangle. I created mine by shaping it around the outside of the box. 
    I just marked where the corners were and folded making sure to mark on the side of the paper that won’t show. 
    I placed it inside the box to see how it fits. If it was a little  too long, I just clipped the excess from the bottom. 
    Once it fit, I folded my paper once around the entire perimeter before inserting and gluing it in. This gave me a nice, neat edge. 
    Once I glued my last piece, I used my hot glue gun to attach my magnet.
    Lastly, I went ahead and a labeled my boxes and stuck them to my office file cabinet. 

    Now I’ll start filling up my boxes over the next few weeks. 

    If you want to get a jump start be sure to look for the display with specially marked boxes of Hefty waste bags with bonus Box Tops. These are a limited time back to school offer that can be found in several stores, however I found mine in Walmart. 

    Now when your kids start school in a few weeks they’ll have some Box Tops saved.

    I’m stocking up on Hefty this year to support my children’s schools. 

    What are your best ideas for supporting you child’s school?

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    5 thoughts on “Box Tops for Education Magnetic Collection Box

    1. I like your cute holders! We save Box Tops but have just been using a sandwich bag.

      A really great fundraiser for schools is at MightyNest, which donates FIFTEEN PERCENT of your order to the school of your choice! You don't have to wait for your school to sign itself up; if it isn't already registered with them, you can set it up yourself. MightyNest sells lunch kits and kitchen tools and other useful stuff.

    2. Those are such cute holders for the Box Tops. My kids' school doesn't do a competition, but I love the idea of having something where they don't disappear "somewhere" I put them. #client

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