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Blog Income Report for March 2015

This is month three of me sharing my blog income report and I hope my previous 2015 blog income reports gave you some inspiration in regard to the different ways you can make money blogging.

My greatest goal in sharing these reports is to give you an idea of the kind of money you can make blogging.

March was a month of growth in the area of income, but not in traffic. I was extremely focused on building out products and services for both of my sites in March and less on promotion. 

I ran successful marketing campaigns for two products which greatly increased sales, but my traffic took a hit. I’ll talk more about how I plan to balance things out going forward. 

While my traffic dropped a bit, I was still able to exceed my income goal for the month!!

Shall we begin?


My goal going into March was to get more organized in my content creation.

I created a lot of themed content this month that is Pinterest friendly. The content is super organic, has great pictures and is very useful.

My goal was to ensure it could be shared again year after year. I wanted it to have a ‘long tail’. Having been blogging since 2008, I’ve learned that content that can be reshared over and over again is my goal.

While focusing on writing content more than syndicating, my  traffic took a hit. I ended March at just over 5,900 pageviews!!


  • Pageviews 5,926
  • Unique Pageviews 5,008
Aprons And Stilletos Social Media Stats

Youtube Subscribers: 389 (+21)
Facebook: 1,184 (+123)
Twitter: 2,524 (+689)
Instagram: 4,155 (+40)
Google+: 466 (+22)

All of my social media stats have increased from last month, and I am excited about that. 

The biggest increase I have seen is with my Twitter followers. Since I started using Manage Flitter to kick my Twitter growth into overdrive my audience base has been growing.  Everything I did to jumpstart my growth was from the ebook Grow Your Twitter for Bloggers. It’s the most comprehensive resource I’ve ever seen on the subject of growing Twitter followers. 

By the end of 2015 here’s where I’d like my site statistics to be.

Monthly Pageviews: 80K

Youtube : 2K
Facebook: 2K
Twitter: 10K
Instagram: 10K
Newsletter Subscribers: 2K

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Here’s my income by category for March 2015.


Sponsored Content: $1,745.00

    Affiliate Marketing: $696.20

    Products Sales: $488.00

    • eBooks
    • Coaching/Webinars
    • Printables

    Ad Networks: $152.30

    • Google Adsense

    Total Income $3,081.50

    Here’s my expenses for March 2015.


    • Ejunkie
    • Cell Phone
    • Internet

    Total Expenses: $235.00
    Net Earnings: $2846.00

    Income goal for March 2015: $3,000

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          26 thoughts on “Blog Income Report for March 2015

          1. I would like to create a blog like you. This is awesome! I can only imagine your success now, very inspirational and a huge boost of motivation after the holidays! Thank you so much for sharing so much of what has worked for you! Great Influence

          2. Love that you're sharing your stats. I just started using Manage Flitter and I love it!

          3. This was a very informative post; I will be keeping it for future use! I'm happy for you that you are doing so well.

          4. My blog doesn't bring in much money. I am happy when it does though. 🙂 'grats to you on your income for the month.

          5. Those are great goals to have. I think we all took a hit this past month. Good job, though… Thanks for sharing.

          6. Thanks for sharing so much of your blogging finances. It definitely gives me motivation to get an affiliate program going on my own blog.

          7. Well now I'm just depressed. I can't even make 50.00 a month and you are making thousands. I'm thinking this blogging thing may need to stop for me.

          8. Way to go and you are such a great blogger – I love reading your posts and appreciate your candor.

          9. I always enjoy looking at your Posts …so inspirational. I have so much to look forward to in my Blogging Journey. Congrats on reaching your $3,000 Goal

          10. I have really got to take a look at all your affiliate marketing, 3K is not a bad start for your pageviews and following. I exceeded both those areas and make like 200.00/month

          11. Once again- you inspire me to step it up. Good going!

          12. Well I'm happy for you. I'm going to be honest and say though that while I don't mind reading how people make their money sometimes it seems like they're showing off a bit. Here's hoping you make $4k next month.

          13. I had a good month in March, too. Hoping April brings in some nice weather & that makes it an even better month.

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