Blog Income Report for June 2015

It’s a new month and time for an updated blog income report for 
My June income is the highest it’s been this year and it’s just in time for a big financial goal we want to reach. We will finish up baby step number three in the Total Money Make Over by the end of the year and this is going to help.
How Did I Increase My Income?

My income isn’t much higher than in April when I posted my last income report and the only thing I did differently was take on an extra consulting client. I normally work consulting, coaching four blogger a month, but last month I worked with five helping them monetize or improve their blogs.
How Did I Increase My Pageviews? 
 As you’ll see, my page views jumped up in June because I started pinning more regularly. I have some great Pinterest boards of my own and some I collaborate on, but I am not always consistent on pinning to them.
Another reason for the spike is because I’ve begun sharing my Aprons And Stilletos content on my other A Proverbs Wife Instagram account. My audience interests merge for both blogs via home management topics so I’ve begun sharing some things from this blog on my other blogs social media platforms.
Without further ado here are my stats.


Sponsored Content: $2,000.00

    Affiliate Marketing: $1,032.19

    Products Sales: $870.00

    • eBooks
    • Printables
    • Brand Development Mastermind
    • Webinar

    Ad Networks: $108.16 

    • Google Adsense

    Total Income: $4,010.35


    • Hosting: Wired Tree
    • Ejunkie
    • Cell Phone
    • Internet

    Total Expenses: $245.00
    Net Earnings: $3,765.35


    • Pageviews 18,324
    • Unique Pageviews 14,702
    Aprons And Stillletos Social Media Stats

    Youtube Subscribers: 447 
    Facebook Friends: 1231
    Twitter Friends: 3720
    Instagram: 4204
    Google+: 483

    If you’ve missed the previous reports just go right here —->  2015 blog income reports and check them out.

    I love being a digital content creator. I love branding and marketing. And I love being an entrepreneur. I also love helping others fine tune and monetize their brands. I love helping entrepreneurs map out plans for income and growth. 

    I’d love to work with some new entrepreneurs in 2016! Whether you need fresh pair of eyes and some guidance in your business plan, thoughts on how to make your brand more appealing to PR reps or ideas on methods of monetization. I can help. 

    Check out the packages I have available or email me and we can brainstorm customized package for your brand.

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          1. I need to do consultation with you ( will send a message on fb ) I need to really make use of the various opportunities to have a steady income

            • I learned a lot from affiliate managers back when companies used to offer free monthly webinars on how to better market to your readers. Watching my affiliate video should be super helpful. Check it out.

          Okay love...let me know what you think!