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Big Chop Haircut Reveal: How I Style My TWA + 4C Texture Shots

I “big chopped” on October 23 and I can’t even tell you how excited I am.

My goal was to transition as long as possible, but that was for my husband. He prefers I trim the relaxed ends periodically instead of all at once. I prefer to get it over with and start fresh with all unrelaxed hair. On the 23rd he said he wouldn’t mind if I big chopped and so I did.

Of course after chopping I was shocked at how short my hair was, but once I washed and styled it I was in love.  

Big Chop Haircut Reveal: How I Style My TWA + 4C Texture Shots

I have been using very little products on my hair and it’s made being natural this time so much easier. When I big chopped three years ago, I bought so many products and tried so many styles.

This time, I want to be super easy going with my hair as it grows out. I don’t care much about super defined curls this time around and won’t be spending hours in the mirror trying to achieve them.

I plan on embracing my texture and curl pattern pretty much as it grows. 

The first week of November I washed and finger coiled a few spots of my hair and let it dry and got the look in the picture above.

The next week I blew it out so my afro didn’t feel so short. That also gave me a chance to trim some leftover relaxed hair.

Big Chop Haircut Reveal: How I Style My TWA + 4C Texture Shots

Since then I’ve been flat twisting my hair 1-2 times a week. Flat twisting help prevent my hair from getting matted down while I sleep. On the days when I don’t flat twist, my hair is a bit smushed but is fine after I finger fluff and pick the roots a bit.

I and am so happy with how much my hair has grown in just a month and how easy it’s been to manage.

Big Chop Haircut Reveal: How I Style My TWA + 4C Texture ShotsBig Chop Haircut Reveal: How I Style My TWA + 4C Texture Shots

I’m hoping as it grows longer I don’t start struggling with too much tangling, but so far, so good. 


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14 thoughts on “Big Chop Haircut Reveal: How I Style My TWA + 4C Texture Shots

  1. You look so beautiful girl! The hair looks so nice and healthy! I have to agree with you, though if you're doing a big chop it's best to just have a fresh start rather than cutting the relaxed hair off.
    There's something about cutting it all off that I find liberating! 🙂 am so glad your in love with your hair girl

  2. The hair looks amazing. I love how wonderful you look with the cut.Not sure I could look ad good

  3. Fabulous hair, it looks amazing! I absolutely love your eye shadow in one of these photos too! Well done for being brave girl! Nikki

  4. Beautiful! I could never pull off a hair this length. My face is too round – hahaha 🙂 <3 You look great!

  5. I love it. I did a big chop 3 years ago. Congratulations! This is a great read.

  6. You are super pretty, so i imagine you'd look great with every hairstyle!It's cool that you keep it the natural way!

  7. You have a gorgeous jet black hair! I like it 🙂 Flat twisting gives your hair that gorgeous bam!

  8. I love it! You look beautiful! In a world that is constantly telling us to buy extensions or fake products to look beautiful; keeping ourselves in love with our true natural self is brave, courageous and fearless! Good job for you! You look amazing.

  9. I love your hair! I wish I could go short but my hair is too thick and would look terrible. So I have to stick to long.

  10. Girl you are brave! I too am on the journey to natural and I've considered the big chop but I've never been natural as an adult, so I am skkkaaarreed!! You post has been very encouraging. 😉

  11. Your hair looks beautiful. I have a feeling this is how mine will look once I big chop as well. I was thinking I would transition for as long as possible, but got tired of dealing with the two textures. Now I think I might big chop before new year!

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