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Best Tips for Pampering House Guests

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When my husband and I first married, I loved spending the night as his dad and step-moms house. They live almost two hours from us and some nights we’d head there after Germaine got off work. We’d get there after they’d gone to bed and find the light on in the guest room, fresh linen and a fully stocked guest bath for us to use.

I loved being their guest and daughter-in-law. As I began to build my home, I mimicked some of the  hospitality traits I learned from my mother-in-law and I’m going to share them with you today.

With three children still at home and a home office, we don’t have a dedicated room for guest, but we do make guest feel comfortable when they come sleep on our couch or air mattress. 
We prepare the space using the following six tips as a guideline.

1. A Clean Guest Area.

When staying at my in-laws everything always looks fresh and clean. It feels like a home away from home and that’s what I want it to feel like for my guest. I don’t want them to come in and feel like they are staying in a space that feels neglected. Although I may neglect cleaning cobwebs on a regular basis, I make sure to clean areas I don’t on a day-to-day basis. Especially now during the holiday season I like to wipe the guest space with Lysol wipes to not only clean, but kill germs. “Lysol kills 99.9% of bacteria on soft surfaces.”

2. Provide Fresh Hygiene Supplies.

One things I remember about being a guest at my in-laws was the amount of linen they had available. As a hong couple and new homeowners, my husband and I didn’t have a lot of extra towels and wash clothes. I always felt weird about guest using our linen. 

My mother in law had an abundance and that was my goal too. I make sure to replenish our linen often so we always have nice fresh linen for our guests.

3. Stock Seasonal Toiletries

I try and anticipate the needs of my guest by providing toiletries for the season. If I were having summer guests, I’d probably provide allergy medicines, bug spray and sunscreen, but since it’s getting cold outside Kleenex and Halls make more sense. 

I know this may sound overboard to those of you who don’t have guest over often, but whether overnight guest or guest for just a few hours, you’d be surprised at what they may need. We had friends over this summer and thier daughter had an allergic reaction. They needed children’s allergy medicine, but because my kids are able to take adult doses, I didn’t have any. I felt so bad and now I try to anticipate the needs of my guests.

4. Set Up a Snack and Beverage Area.

Once the guest area is clean, I set up a place for my guest to enjoy late night snacks. We used to arrive at my in-laws late at night and I remember being a little hungry after arriving. That stuck with me and I knew when I had guests I’d have snacks and beverages available.

I don’t get too fancy with the selection. Bottled Smart Water, Premium Saltine Crackers, fruit and coffee should meet the needs of my guest whether they’re arriving in the morning or night.

5. Provide Writing Supplies.

I often find it hard to fall asleep right away when sleeping anywhere but at home, so using that quiet time to do a brain dump or just write, help me relax and finally drift off to sleep. In case my guest, are like me, I like to provide them with a pad or journal to take notes or wrote while they’re here.

6. Plush Linen.

The other thing I loved about staying at my in-laws was the bedding. My mother-in-law had some of the most luxurious bedding on her guest room. 

The queen sized bed was decked with beautiful comforters, soft sheets and lots of fluffy pillows. 

When my guest are here, they may not have a four poster, queen bed, but they do have a queen air mattress with a soft duvet and king sized super soft pillow which I keep stashed in these drawers.

Although I don’t have a dedicated bedroom for my guests, I do what I can to make them feel at home and comfortable. Because hospitality was important to my mother-in-law, it’s become important to me. 

While we may set up our guest space differently, I think we both have the same goal in mind which is to make our guest feel welcome.

I hope you enjoyed this peek into how I prepare for house guests. I also hope you got some new ideas on how to prepare for your guests.

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    The Nabisco Premium Saltine Crackers, Glaceau Smart Water, Halls and Lysol wipes were all purchased at my favorite CVS in town. 

    The day after I did my shopping, I got a flyer in the mail stating that Sunday 11/15 through 11/21, CVS will be running a “Spend $15 Get $5 in extra bucks” promotion on seasonal essentials. This is an in-store only promo which includes a lot of products you’ll need for the cold and flu season.

    I used to be the type that would not have people over because of my insecurities about my home. Then I realized, true hospitality is about friendship and fellowship so I stopped worrying about what people would think about my home and just started being hospitable. I love having my home filled with people I love. 

    I’ve shared my hospitality tips with you, now I’d love for you to tell me what friend or family member you’d love to have over for a weekend and why?

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    33 thoughts on “Best Tips for Pampering House Guests

    1. Hi! What's in the gold-lidded box???

    2. Very interesting blog. Alot of blogs I see these days don't really provide anything that I'm interested in, but I'm most definately interested in this one. Just thought that I would post and let you know.

    3. This was such a cute and thoughtful idea. I don't even have my own space yet but Im definitely gonna remember this idea for when I do lol So creative

    4. Everything looks lovely and inviting. Our kids are grown so we have 2 extra rooms to share!

    5. My high school best friend lives in the same town as me and I haven't seen her in 4 years- I'd love to have a 'staycation' in my home with her for the weekend! #client

    6. These are some great tips! I always try to apply most of these when having guest. I always want to make sure they feel right at home

    7. It's important to make houseguests feel welcome when they are staying in your home. Making sure your home is clean is a must.

    8. We don't have a dedicated room for guest either do they have to use our daughter's room. I sure will borrow sone of your tips for the next time we will have people over.

    9. I rarely have overnight house guests–and when I do it is usually last second because the train couldn't run much farther then where I live and there was a LOT of snow and ice on the ground–so we all make do with what I have and what they were able to pick up on their way over!!

    10. This looks like a hotel room! You did a fabulous job in making someone feel very special in this room! New towels and sheets are always a must in my guest room.

    11. These are all great ideas for guests. We like to have a nice clean room/linens and towels. I try to make a great dinner and dessert for the first night.

    12. You are awesome! Way better than what I do. I have the clean linen and a clean room, but the rest I have never done. I should since it would make my guests feel more welcome.

      1. A dedicated room is awesome! A trip to CVS for snacks and bottled water is all you need now. You're an awesome hostess!

    13. These are great ideas. I often have guests at home, but I've never thought of putting up a beverage idea.

      1. It was really easy. I bought the snacks and tissue at CVS and set everything up on a nightstand table.

    14. I want to stay with you this holiday season! LOL Such a great decor spread you have here for your house guests.

    15. You are so awesome to think of all these ways to make a guest stay more wonderful. I totally love the idea of having bottled water at hand, and the fresh linens are such a great touch.

      1. The water is so important especially if guest don't feel comfortable roaming your house after bedtime to get water.

    16. Love all the small and big details you included in this post, Saidah! Lovely touches that would make any guest feel like they are receiving the royal treatment. I am not particularly a great host, although my home is comfortable and people feel they are at home because of the colours and comfy decor.

      1. Hosting is weird at first which is why I forced myself to have people over more this year. In the last month we had friends over every other weekend for 9 weeks. The more I do it, the more settled I am in the idea of hosting without pressure.

    17. Great post! You are right, it's not about having the best home, it's about making people feel welcome in your home. You can have the nicest house I've ever seen, but if I'm afraid I'll mess something up then I'm not comfortable in your space. I love that you go out of the way to be hospitable.

    18. What great ideas! And especially timely with the holidays coming up. I hadn't thought of setting up a snack and beverage area, but that's just brilliant.
      Thank you!

      1. I wouldn't have either. It's just I remember being thirsty and not wanting wake the whole house getting water at my in-laws. I did wake my MIL on several occasions.

    19. OMG Can I come stay at your place:) What thoughtful ideas!! Your guests may not ever leave. Happy Holidays to you and yours:)

      1. Haha!! Thanks Andrea. I love for them to stay awhile, but they definitely have to go. LOL!!

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