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Best Places to Eat in Chicago

We ate good while in Chicago and rightfully so. We spent a good six weeks researching locations, menus and watching restaurant reviews on YouTube before finalizing our Chicago dining choices. We wanted to hit a few spots that are not in this post, but because of location, time, travel costs and safety we eliminated some choices.

The ones we ended up going to were all safely accessible by Chicago public transportation and located in low crime areas. That was a big factor for us. We knew we’d be taking public transportation to some of the restaurants so safety was a big issue.

We were in Chicago for three days and ate breakfast, lunch and dinner at least two full days while there. Here are the places we ate at and recommend.

Wildberry Pancakes and Cafe Prudential Plaza
Best Places to Eat in Chicago

Germaine and I ate breakfast at Wildberry Cafe two days in a row because it was so good. The first day we went was on Father’s Day. We combined our trip to coincide with that weekend to celebrate my man.Best Places to Eat in Chicago

We got there and while there was a long line, the wait was short. We checked in and were put on a wait list. I took some photos while we waited and within 15 minutes or so our names were called.Best Places to Eat in Chicago

When we got inside, the place was super clean and we had an amazingly helpful waiter take our order. He was super attentive the whole time checking on us regularly. He clearly had multiple tables to manage, but the way he did his job made it feel like we were his only customer.

One Father’s Day I ordered the Signature Berry Bliss Waffles with thick Applewood Smoked Bacon and the next day I ordered Blueberry Danish style topping on waffles with thick Applewood Smoked Bacon.Best Places to Eat in ChicagoThe Blueberry Danish style topping is not on the menu, but I requested it. The topic comes on the crepes and pancakes only, but you can ask for it on a waffle.Best Places to Eat in ChicagoGermaine ordered eggs, hash browns, sausage and pancakes on Father’s Day and while he liked his food, he would have preferred his hash brown and sausage were cooked crispier. The next day, he did request the hash browns be cooked longer and he ordered the thick Applewood Smoked Bacon I told him was amazing instead of the sausage.

Best Places to Eat in Chicago Best Places to Eat in Chicago

Pat’s Pizza and Ristorante

Best Places to Eat in Chicago

After our flight landed we went straight to Pat’s Pizza and Ristorante from the airport. Our luggage had gotten left in Atlanta so we didn’t have to stop at the hotel to check in as planned. Since we were luggage free, we got on the Chicago train and went to Pat’s for lunch the ride was about an hour, and it provided the perfect way to see the city.

When we got to our last stop, there was about a 5 minute walk to the restaurant. When we got there the place was almost empty. Only one other table was occupied and we were invited to sit anywhere we wanted.

We ordered one medium thin crust pizza with meat lover style on one side and pepperoni, provolone and bacon on the other side. It was love at first bite with this pizza.Best Places to Eat in ChicagoThe sauce had amazing flavor. The pizza was piping hot and the topping super flavorful. The bacon was savory and were meaty and not fatty cuts. I hate when restaurants throw fatty bacon on a pizza.Best Places to Eat in Chicago

That was not the case at Pat’s. Every layer of this pizza was perfectly seasoned and delicious.

Best Places to Eat in Chicago

Jibarito Lincoln Park

Best Places to Eat in Chicago

When we watched the YouTube reviews of Jibarito, I was immediately sold. I love me some Puerto Rican food. I don’t eat it much living in South Carolina, but growing up in New York it was a regular part of my meals. 

When Germaine saw the infamous Jibaritos which is Chicago’s signature sandwich based on Puerto Rican cuisine he was like he’ll pass. I on the the other hand, knew I needed this sandwich in my life so I scoured the menu to find something I thought he’d like and tried to see him on the idea of eating here.Best Places to Eat in ChicagoWhile skeptical, I won him over and he is glad I did. We ordered the Lechon Jibarito with roasted pork, no mayo or cheese. We also ordered Pescado Frito Entree which is fried fish, with rice and pigeon peas, salad, or white rice and beans. We had the rice and pigeon peas or arroz con gandules. We also ordered an extra piece of fried fish from the appetizer menu which came with three dipping sauces. I put the spicy red dipping sauce on my Jibarito and that set it off.Best Places to Eat in Chicago 

Best Places to Eat in Chicago

Best Places to Eat in ChicagoGermaine loved everything we ordered even the Jibarito he though he would not like. He liked everything so much, he ordered some Puerto Rican rice to go since we had  a whole fish leftover. Jibaritos did not disappoint. If you love authentic Puerto Rican food this is the place to go. 

Stan’s DonutsBest Places to Eat in Chicago

We did not do much research on places to eat dessert so this was a spur of the moment decision to visit Stan’s Donuts. We were craving some dessert one evening so we took a walk over to Stan’s Donut. We ordered a frappe and two donuts each. The donuts were tasty, but nothing to really talk about. 

Hub51 was another place we ate at, but I did not take pictures. We ordered chicken tenders and fries which were good. The atmosphere was crazy loud and the place was jam packed when we ate there on a Saturday night. The reviews were good and we enjoyed our food. The tenders were fresh out of the grease and piping hot. I don’t like crowded and loud restaurants so I wouldn’t go here again even though the food was okay.


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Best Places to Eat in Chicago
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