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Best Feminine Care for Women Who Exercise

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Do you know what sucks? When it’s “that time of the month” and you’re a gym rat.

Not only are you hot and sweaty, but then you have bulky maxi pads to deal with. Who wants all of that extra bulkiness?

I’m going to save you some time and tell you which maxi pad is my favorite for any women who exercises during her “time of the month”.

I can safely say that I know what I’m talking about since I have tried every national brand pad currently on the market.

My preferred maxi pad is the Stayfree Ultra Thin Regular when I’m working out and Stayfree Overnight pads for night time protection.

I work out four to five days a week and taking a week off for my “time of the month” is out of the question. 

Anytime I don’t exercise for more than three days, it’s harder to get back into the mood and with Stayfree Ultra thin pads I don’t have to sacrifice a day in the gym because of my “monthly”.

With Stayfree Ultra Thin Regular maxi pads, I don’t have to worry about that awful and unsightly lump some thicker pads cause.

Neither do I have to worry about accidents since Stayfree pads are wider than most brands. It can get pretty tricky trying to perform squats with a pad that doesn’t provide enough coverage.

Just as my workout clothes are made with special fabric created to keep me dryer during workouts, so are my Stayfree pads. 

If you don’t exercise or live in a state where it is ninety degrees or above almost every day of the spring and summer you probably could care less about the material your maxi pads are made from.

But if you’re like me and… 
a) live in a hot climate
b) exercise regularly
c) want to stay dry and fresh

…then you’ll definitely want to use Stayfree Ultra Thin Regular and Stayfree Overnight pads.

When you head out to buy your pads, keep in mind there is a $5 Walmart gift card promo attached to the purchase of (3) Stayfree, Carefree or O.B. products from now through July 25th. 

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