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Bantu Knot Flat Twist Out on Natural Hair

You know that moment when you finish styling your hair and it’s as if every strand is laid in the right place and you can’t do anything but raise an eyebrow at your own reflection in the mirror?

That was the precise experience for me the day I did this bantu knot flat twist out.

I’d braided three flat twist horizontally in the front of my head starting at my hair line and then five vertically down the back of my head. I finished off each of the rear braids by twisting them into bantu knots.

When I saw how the back of my hair was laid, I bout died. Do you see that shape? I looks like my hair is cut in an bob.

My hair looked full and I loved it. Especially the back which is the hardest for me to style.

Did I say I L-O-V-E-D it!!

I totally made my day with the way this flat twist out with bantu knots turned out.

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