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Banana PB&J Snack Crackers

My #PutItOnARitz Banana PB&J Snack Cracker recipe and shopping trip have been compensated by #CollectiveBias, Inc. and its advertiser. All opinions are mine alone.

I’m definitely ‘that mom’ who will whip up fun snacks for her kids to have when they get home from school. They come home hungry everyday, so I try to have something for them to grab while dinner cooks. 

A snack that’s easy for me to make are these Banana PB&J crackers. I love them because I always have the ingredients on hand in my pantry and refrigerator. You can use any type of cracker to make these, but I suggest RITZ®.

…peanut butter, jam, banana and RITZ® crackers. The only thing I didn’t have in my pantry were the crackers which I picked up on my regular grocery trip to Walmart.

There were so many delicious varieties to choose from, but I chose the original for this recipe.

  • RITZ® regular crackers
  • RITZ® Whole Wheat
  • RITZ® Roasted Vegetable
  • RITZ® Reduced Fat
  • RITZ® Hint of Salt
  • RITZ® Bacon
  • RITZ® Fresh Stacks WW
  • RITZ® Bits Cheese
  • RITZ® Bits Peanut Butter
  • RITZ® Garlic Butter
  • RITZ® Honey Wheat
  • RITZ® Everything

To start, I gathered all of my ingredients, a sheet of wax paper and two sandwich bags.

I laid a few crackers out on the wax paper then began filling the sandwich bags. 

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One bag was filled halfway with strawberry jam and the other with peanut butter. Next, I sliced 1/2 inch thick banana rounds.

Your probably wondering why I put the penaut butter and jam in the sandwich bags. Have you ever try to spread peanut butter and jelly on a cracker? It get’s on your finger, then on the bottom of the cracker and it looks messy. 

Using a sandwich bag to pipe the pb&j onto the crackers is so much easier and it looks prettier when it’s finished. All you have to do is clip a very small section for the tip of the bag and you have a homemade piping bag.

Using two hands, start squeezing the peanut butter on the crackers in the shape of an ‘O’. The space in the middle of the ‘O’ is where I place my banana and then I top the banana with jam.

I created a hyperlapse video tutorial showing you how I made them.

Once they are done you can display them like this

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